Bill Nye The Science Guy Says Belichick’s DeflateGate Explanation Makes No Sense

  • Real Name
    William Sanford Nye
    William Stephen Belichick
  • Credentials
    TV show host, mechanical engineer
    Future Hall of Fame coach, 5x Super Bowl champion (including time spent as Giants assistant)
  • Potential Bias
    Longtime Seattle resident
    Doesn't want to face NFL discipline
  • Alma Mater
    Cornell University
  • Hobby
    Swing dancing
    Bon Jovi enthusaist
  • Reality TV
    Dancing With The Stars
  • Football Experience
    Spent entire life obsessing about the sport
Belichick, admittedly, is not an expert in football inflation. But science be damned, he's forgotten more about football than Bill Nye and the entire scientific community will ever know. I'm putting my money on Belichick.