Winter Weather Forecast: Snowier And Colder Than AverageWinter is nearly upon us! Here is WBZ-TV's annual look at what to expect for the season ahead. Hint: think snow.
Winter Weather Forecast - January 2018 UpdateIt's only fitting during the 40th anniversary of a monster February blizzard that we talk about what's in store for this February and March.
Winter Weather Forecast: Plenty Of Snow, Maybe Ice Storms, January ThawSo what’s the deal this winter? Well, it’s complicated.
Factors Favoring A Challenging Winter Across New EnglandWe never issue a winter seasonal forecast in October because November is a very telling month for the winter ahead.
The Science Behind The WBZ-TV Winter Weather ForecastIf I had to peg a number in Boston, I would go with 40 inches of snow this winter.
Winter Weather Forecast: Warmer Than Normal In Northeast, Says NOAAThe National Weather Service says warmer than normal conditions are favored along the East Coast and Northeast.
Winter Weather Forecast: Above Average Snow ReturnsWe believe above average snow will return to southern New England this winter.
NOAA Winter Weather Outlook For New England: Fairly AverageWhat can you take away from this forecast for New England?
Winter Weather Forecast: Milder, Wetter Than Average Says NOAATerry Eliasen thinks you can clearly infer that NOAA is forecasting a much more “tolerable” winter here than the last.
Eye On Weather: 2015 Winter ForecastWe are projecting snowfall as much as 10-20 inches above the average for much of the region. This equates to a range of 55-65 inches in Boston.