Fall Set To Make A Cameo This WeekA quick cooldown is on the way so break out the flannel! But the shorts and tee shirts aren't done in 2017.
Summer 2017 - Haters Gonna HateClimatological Summer ends on Thursday, and some say it was a dud. To those people I say....did we live in the same area???
Eclipse Chasing? Worth It.A look back on the incredible adventure and experience that is eclipse chasing, and a look forward to the next one to cross America just a few short years from now.
Downpours Or Dry? Heavy Rainmaker Comes Oh-So-Close to New England SaturdayA close call with torrential rain on Saturday as a storm system moves south of New England. Once again, we're right on the line with a tricky forecast.
Summer Takes A Vacation With Near-Record ChillLovely October weather...except it's July. A very cool start to the week will give way to a mid-week rebound as the sun makes a reappearance.
Active Week Of Weather With Several Storm ChancesAll week long we'll be playing a game of back and forth with a front that'll bring multiple chances for showers/storms and eventually a sharp cool-down as well.
Unprecedented Early-Season Heat PossibleBoston could set a mark for early-season heat that hasn't been done before. Regardless, some summer swelter is heading toward New England!
Warmest Weekend Of The Year On DeckWarmer air is on the way, but the rain chances don't completely go away with it.
Weather Weirding To Start 2017Everyone is talking about the cool weather, yet warm records have vastly outnumbered cool ones in 2017. How can this be? An odd balance is at work.
Flannel to Flip Flops: Record Warmth Coming To New EnglandA cool, damp, and gray start to May is about to take a dramatic turn. Summer warmth floods into New England with a chance of record heat this week.
Goin' Seattle - Cool Pattern Dominates Mid-MayA lot of deja vu weather on tap as the Northeast sits in a rut through mid-May.
Beyond The Forecast: Marathon Monday Weather--And Some HistoryOver the decades, runners here in Boston have had to brave just about every imaginable extreme weather condition from snow squalls to downpours.
Near-Record Warmth On The Way To New EnglandAfter a cool Saturday we're off to the races will full-fledged spring fever kicking in along with a chance of record highs.
Drought Gets A Big Dent With A Series Of Soaking StormsA series of storms is dumping snow and rain over New England as we kick off spring. So is the drought still a story, or is it being erased in a hurry?
New Month, More Snow? Cold Nor'easter Kicks Off AprilA cold March is about to give way to a cold and stormy start to April. And no, we're probably not done with that whole 'snow' thing either.