WBZ WaterCooler: What Brand Of Dog Will Land You A Date? Did you know, the kind of dog you walk, can land you a hot date?
WBZ WaterCooler: Goucher & The B's Season On IceBoston Bruins Training Camp would have opened Friday, but the lockout has canceled the preseason, and has the regular season on hold.
Party Time At The Heights: BC Football Kicks OffThe Boston College Eagles Football squad opens up their season today, playing host to the Miami Hurricanes. Game time is 3:30 on Chestnut Hill.
WBZ WaterCooler: Keeping The Kids HealthyAt The WBZ Water Cooler: Summertime and the living's easy. Holistic Health Coach Suzanne Falco stops by, and gives us some tips on healthy summer snacks for the kids. You don't even have to trick them!
WBZ WaterCooler: Penn State - The Long Road BackAt The WBZ Water Cooler: Despite the sanctions imposed by the NCAA, about 30 Penn State football players are vowing to stay with the team.
WBZ WaterCooler: Wimbeldon FinalsAt the WBZ Water Cooler: Serena Williams wins Wimbledon's women's title. Roger Federer and Andy Murray will battle Sunday for the Men's title.
Boston Born Jane Curtin, Returns To TV Jane Curtin of Cambridge is joining the cast of CBS’ drama series 'Unforgettable' as a new regular. She tells WBZ's Rod Fritz, it's a procedural drama.
WBZ Watercooler: College Kids Enjoying Their BreakAt the WBZ Water Cooler this week. Thanksgiving Break is a good time to catch up, and rest up. We talked with a few local college seniors, who are recharging their batteries this weekend.
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WBZ Water Cooler: SpookyWorld Invades FenwayAt the WBZ Water Cooler: SpookyWorld has invaded Fenway Park, it's the only action Fenway has seen this October.