Facing Patriots Was Not Fun For Tom Brady, But His Favorite Part Was Seeing His Former TeammatesTom Brady did not enjoy facing his former team, but was happy that he got to see a lot of favorite people in his return to New England.
Tom Brady Explains Why He And Bill Belichick Didn't Meet In Person When He Left Patriots In 2019After going against each other for the first time ever on Sunday night, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick finally had the in-person chat that was nearly two years in the making.
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'Schwartzie You're Blowing Up!' Patriots Fan From Ashland Shocked By Viral Fame During Tom Brady's ReturnKathy Schwartz from Ashland said she was surprised by her viral fame as Tom Brady returned to Gillette Stadium for his first time.
Bill Belichick Takes Sarcastic Swipe At Seth Wickersham For Sources Used In New Patriots Book"Yeah, well, I don't think any of us are surprised by that type of media coverage," Belichick said. "I mean, I don't think I've ever even talked to the guy. So I don't know -- you'd have to ask him what his great sources are. I'm not sure."
Antonio Brown Says Brief Patriots Career Was 'The Best Experience Of My Life'Antonio Brown's time with the Patriots was brief. But it left a mark.
Mac Jones Continues To Win Over Patriots Teammates: 'He Looks Like A Baby Tom'It wasn't a total loss for the home team, as young quarterback Mac Jones acquitted himself quite well.
Bill Belichick, Tom Brady Reportedly Had Postgame Chat In Buccaneers Locker RoomTom Brady and Bill Belichick met for a quick hug at midfield after Sunday night's game, but they reportedly had a much longer meeting later in Tampa Bay's locker room.
Ups And Downs: Is Loss To Tom Brady And Buccaneers A Moral Victory For Mac Jones And Patriots?Real wins are all that really matter in New England. But there was a lot of good to take away from Sunday's close call against Tom Brady and the Bucs.
Tom Brady, Buccaneers Escape With 19-17 Win Over PatriotsThe Patriots nearly stunned Tom Brady and the Buccaneers in Brady's return to New England.
Tom Brady Learned How Hard It Is To Play At Gillette Stadium As A VisitorIt certainly wasn't easy for Brady, but as he's done so many times before, he walked off the field with a win.
Tom Brady Now Has Now Beaten Every Team In The NFLWith a win over the Patriots on Sunday night, Tom Brady has now beaten everyone in the NFL.
Tracking Tom Brady Vs. Patriots: Brady's Kneeldowns Seal Bucs' 19-17 WinWe're tracking every single thing Tom Brady does on the field on Sunday night against the Patriots.
Tom Brady Sets NFL's All-Time Passing Yards Record, A Mark He Will Hold For A Very Long TimeYou can add one more significant notch to Tom Brady's list of career accomplishments.
WATCH: Robert Kraft, Tom Brady Hug Inside Gillette Stadium Prior To Buccaneers-Patriots GameTom Brady returned to Gillette Stadium on Sunday afternoon. Patriots owner Robert Kraft made sure there was a familiar face to greet him.