Dolphins Linebacker Says Referee Told Him To 'Stay Off' Tom BradyA Miami Dolphins linebacker was given some guidelines from a referee in Sunday's game against the New England Patriots. That guy playing quarterback for the Pats -- don't touch him.
Tom Brady Pops Up On Patriots Injury Report, Limited With Calf InjuryQuarterbacks are dropping like flies in the NFL. And now New England's is on the team's injury report.
LUKEwarm Take: Falk May Actually Present A Challenge For Patriots As Jets' QuarterbackWe can start here: There's no way he can be worse than Trevor Siemian.
Zdeno Chara, Tom Brady Pose For Photo At TB12 Grand OpeningStanding at 6-foot-9, Zdeno Chara is usually the one who casts a shadow. But with the 42-year-old sharing a sports town with fellow 42-year-old Tom Brady, Chara's work, dedication, diet and workout routine can sometimes get overshadowed in Boston.
WATCH: Antonio Brown Celebrates His First Patriots Touchdown With Tom BradyBefore we move on to Week 3 of the NFL season, the Patriots are giving us a look at the sights and sounds of their blowout win over the Miami Dolphins.
Drew Brees Missing Six Weeks With Thumb Injury Will Have Impact On Tom Brady, All-Time Passing RecordsA side effect of the Brees injury though has little to do with the Saints or this season. It involves the active race taking place atop the all-time passing leaderboards between Brees and Tom Brady.
Don't Get Sucked Into Undefeated Season Talk And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsThe Patriots aren't going 16-0. Stop it. But they are very, very good. And the Dolphins are very, very bad. Let's explore.
Antonio Brown Shares Special Moment With Father After Patriots DebutAntonio Brown made his Patriots debut on Sunday, and celebrated by spending some time with his family after New England's 43-0 romp over Miami.
In Midst Of Antonio Brown Madness, Tom Brady Offers Reminder Of What Makes Him Tom Brady"I think sometimes it's a disadvantage when you're a high pick. Everyone tells you how great you are all the time, you get more opportunity than everybody else."
Tom Brady Opts To Not Comment On Antonio Brown AccusationsThe quarterback stepped to the podium for his weekly press conference with the media, and he was of course asked about if he had any comment about the sexual assault and rape allegations against Brown.
Film Study: How Patriots Can Attack Vulnerable Dolphins In Week 2Breaking down everything that went wrong for the Dolphins, in an effort to see what the Patriots might be able to exploit in Week 2.