Potential Quarterback Options If Patriots Want To Draft Tom Brady's Successor In AprilMaybe Brady will be back. Maybe he won't. Regardless, here are some QB options if the Patriots have their eye on the future.
Conflicting Reports On Tom Brady's Move To Greenwich: 'They Don't Have A House In Connecticut'By Tuesday evening, a report about Brady and Gisele moving to Connecticut had been refuted. This may be a common theme over the coming weeks and months, as every bit of Brady's life is examined and scrutinized during this time of contractual uncertainty.
Tom Brady Roasts Julian Edelman With Instagram Zinger About RehydrationWhat a pal. Tom Brady just wants to help.
Report: Tom Brady Has Moved Into Connecticut Home With Family, Gillette Stadium Suite Has Been 'Cleaned Out'Over the past six months or so, Tom Brady has begun the process of detaching himself from various New England-based ties. With the Patriots getting ousted early from the NFL postseason, that effort has apparently continued.
Tom Brady In No Rush To Make A Decision On His FutureWe're still over two months away from Tom Brady officially becoming a free agent for the first time in his career. There will be lots of speculation between now and then, but Brady himself said people shouldn't expect any answers anytime soon.
Titans' Pounding Of Lamar Jackson's Ravens Has To Change Perspective On Patriots' Playoff LossIt now looks like we may have been very, very wrong about the shame in the Patriots' losing to the Titans in the wild-card round.
Brady Watch: Gisele Bundchen's Latest Instagram Post Mentions 'Intense Times In Our Personal Lives'As New England holds its collective breath to see where Patriots quarterback Tom Brady ends up next season, a social media post by his wife Gisele Bundchen is getting a lot of buzz.
Tom Brady Wearing Another Team's Jersey Would Shake Up Boston Sports In A Way Never Before SeenThe flood of images showing what life would be like if Tom Brady were to actually wear another team's jersey is not going to stop any time soon. Boston's never seen anything like it.
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In Retrospect, Patriots' 2019 Problems Were Easy To Have ForeseenLast summer, we all saw these potential problems. Turns out, we were right. Now, here's how Bill Belichick might respond.
Tom Brady Determined To Keep Playing: 'I Know I Still Have More To Prove'The entire sports world -- and certainly the Boston sports media -- has done quite a bit of talking about Tom Brady and his future. Now, Tom Brady has spoken himself.