An Updated Look At Cam Newton-Tom Brady Comparison Doesn't Look Great For PatriotsThose of us who were riding shotgun on the Cam Newton Hype Train need to take a step back and capture a snapshot of the situation at hand. We have to admit that we're not looking too hot right now!
Sorry, Everybody: Tom Brady Is Still GreatIf there's one place a football team never wants to be, it is on the opposite sideline when Tom Brady is coming off a bad performance.
Hurley's Picks: Disastrous Jets' Dysfunction Providing Nice Sense Of Normalcy In Otherwise Upside-Down SeasonThank goodness for the New York Jets. In these uncertain times, we need them more than ever.
Tom Brady Roasts Himself While Congratulating LeBron James On Winning NBA ChampionshipIn what is some rare self-awareness for a superstar athlete, Tom Brady absolutely dunked on himself while sharing a message of congratulations for LeBron James.
Jimmy Garoppolo Benched By 49ers, Making Patriots Prophecies Look All The More PreposterousFor years, many people believed that it was time for Tom Brady to go. The Patriots of the future? That was Jimmy's team. It was bizarre then, and with Garoppolo getting benched on Sunday, it remains bizarre now.
Tom Brady Loses Track Of Downs, Ending Bucs' Comeback Hopes In Prime-Time Loss To BearsTom Brady. Fourth quarter. Time for ... a massive choke job? These types of things can only happen in 2020.
Tom Brady Reportedly Moving Out Of Derek Jeter's Mansion For Another MansionThere are conflicting reports as to whether or not Tom Brady is close to buying a new fancy mansion.
Hurley's Picks: COVID Predictably Wreaking Havoc On NFL, And It's DispiritingTo be honest, the whole thing stinks. It smells. It's the worst. But we'll all try to make the best of an NFL season during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Tom Brady Named NFC Offensive Player Of The Week, Making Pats' QB Situation Sting A Little ExtraBrady or Belichick. Who was right? It will take some time to give that answer. As for Week 4 of the 2020 NFL season, the advantage clearly went to Tom Brady.
Tom Brady Watch: QB Throws 5 TDs For First Time Since 2017, Leads Bucs In Comeback VictoryEven now, in the year 2020, you simply cannot give Tom Brady an extra chance. At 43 years old, the greatest quarterback of all time can still absolutely kill you.
Watch Tom Brady And The Bucs, Followed By Cam Newton And The Patriots On WBZ SundayNew England football fans, get ready for a doubleheader of NFL action this Sunday on WBZ-TV.