WBZ’s Joe Green Helicopter RescueMillions rely on WBZ to find out what’s happening in the news. One afternoon in 1976, WBZ became the news. Veteran traffic reporter Joe Green performed an amazing rescue with the 'BZ Copter'.
WBZ And SportsSince radio's earliest days, WBZ has been at the forefront in providing coverage of local sports. In 1924 the NHL expanded to include the Boston Bruins as the first non-Canadian team.
WBZ And King LeoIn the golden age of radio, everything was done live. Usually, live broadcasts weren't a problem, but one night in April of 1932, King Leo, an 18 year old trained lion, was brought to the WBZ studios at the Hotel Bradford to demonstrate how he could roar on cue.
WBZ Anniversaries
WBZ And Millions Of PenniesIn the early 80s, Dave Maynard created a monumental fundraiser which would become known as the WBZ Children’s Hospital Radiothon and Telethon.
Early Big News StoriesIn the 1930s Springfield and western Mass experienced devastating floods. WBZ was there to tell the story. As weather conditions grew worse, we also provided evacuation information. Much like we did this year with the tornadoes in Western Mass and the hurricane events.
WBZ And Dotty MylesYoung Dorothy Metzger had always dreamed of being a singer. She was 17 and barely out of high school, when she got her big break-- hired to perform at Boston's popular Cocoanut Grove nightclub.
WBZ And Talk Shows
WBZ And New England WeatherAs far back as the early 1920s, parents and kids who wondered if school might be canceled counted on WBZ for the "no-school announcements."
WBZ As A Music StationFrom our earliest days, we featured concerts by nationally-known entertainers. As well as many local stars-- like vocal duo Hum and Strum or country star Georgia Mae. Back then, WBZ aired many NBC network programs, like radio dramas and soap operas.