Goodbye Root Canals? New Treatment Uses Dental Stem Cells To Heal TeethThe new approach works to stimulate stem cells inside teeth.
One-Third Of Americans Never Floss Their Teeth, Survey FindsIt turns out a lot of Americans aren’t picking up the floss.
Adam Jones & Rich Keefe Impersonate Jerry Remy's Tooth Falling Out Mid-BroadcastJones and Keefe had some fun at Jerry Remy's expense.
Dentist: Sports Drinks Create "Bonanza" For Tooth DecayResearch shows that sports drinks and energy drinks do more harm on your teeth than previously thought.
Framingham Mom Angry After Son's Tooth Was Pulled At SchoolSomeone at the school pulled a boy's tooth out after his teacher said he was distracted by it. That person ended up pulling out the wrong tooth.
Dentists Question If Removing Wisdom Teeth Is NecessaryGetting wisdom teeth removed has always been one of those things you just get done, but now some dentists are questioning that approach.
Freezing Baby Teeth Could Be Key To A Healthy FutureLexington-based Store-A-Tooth preserves dental stem cells that could one day be used to treat a number of serious diseases.
Suspected Teeth Thief Arrestedpolice have taken a bite out of crime by arresting a man who allegedly stole another man's gold teeth. Police got a call from the alleged victim just after 7 p.m. on Thursday. He said while he was outside a city liquor store another man had hit him across the face with a gun and demanded he hand over his ornamental gold teeth, watch and a gold chain.
U.S. Says Too Much Fluoride In WaterFluoride in drinking water -- credited with dramatically cutting cavities and tooth decay -- may now be too much of a good thing.
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