Nor'Easter To Be A '3 Commute Nightmare'So it looks like a 3-commute nightmare - beginning during the Thursday morning commute, peaking during the Thursday evening commute and ending just before the Friday morning drive.
Heavy, Wet Snow Expected Thursday MorningIf the snow does arrive mid-morning on Thursday as we expect, this could be a situation where schools are forced to let out early in the middle of some very heavy snow.
Another Week, Another Potential Storm
Snow Storm Possible Thursday For Southern New EnglandIt is much too early to project where this rain-snow line will setup and who will stay all snow, but, those areas that do not mix with rain could easily see 6-to-12 inches of snow or more.
Close To A Foot Of Heavy, Wet Snow Coming WednesdayMost areas will get 8-to-12 inches of snow Wednesday and several towns will be reporting 9, 10 and 11-inch amounts.
Significant Amount Of Wet, Heavy Snow Expected WednesdayIt will encompass all of New England, dump significant amounts of heavy, wet snow and impact both the morning and evening commutes.
Winter Storm Warning For Eastern Mass., Blizzard Warning For Plymouth County, Cape & IslandsThe snow will begin as early as 1 p.m. on Tuesday. The first to see flakes would be areas well to the south, along the South Coast, Cape Cod and the Islands.
Bitter Cold Follows Historic January Nor'easterBoston received 15.1” of snow over the span of Thursday and Friday just beating out the old #5 storm.
Bitter Cold Temperatures, Wind Chills Could Reach Record LowIt is extremely cold out, wind chills are dangerously low. The kids may want to wait a day or two to hit the hills with their sleds or build the snowman.
Patrick: No Major Issues From Nor'easter, Dangerous Cold Still A ConcernGov. Deval Patrick said the state appears to have handled the Nor’easter well.
Nor'easter To Bring Foot Of Snow, Followed By Bitter ColdNor'easter 2014 has arrived. It may take a while to get revved up but once we get there it is going to pack a significant punch.
Long Storm To Bring Close To A Foot Of Snow Thursday, FridayThis will be a long duration event with nearly 36 hours of light to moderate snowfall.
Storm To Bring 6-12 Inches Of Snow To Southern New England Thursday, FridayOur first true Nor’easter of the season appears to be on its way for later this week, but some good news as it appears we may skip a worst-case scenario.
'Very Significant' Snow Storm Coming Thursday, FridayI would urge you pay a little extra attention to the forecast over the next 48 hours and be prepared for a rude welcome back to work and school from Mother Nature.
Heavy Rain Coming Sunday Afternoon, EveningIt will be a “Nor'easter type storm” that will bring about an inch of rain to southern New England.