Remake Of Iconic Coca Cola Ad Blasts Soda CompaniesA new take on an iconic Coca Cola commercial is aiming to highlight the dangers of soda.
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Fall River Soda Maker Winds Down OperationsFrosty Beverage owner Eddie Abdow says he's closing his family business, founded by his grandfather almost sixty years ago, to focus on his career as a science teacher.
Harvard Study: Sugary Sodas Make Boston Teens More ViolentCan sugary sodas make teenagers violent? A new study seems to point in that direction.
First-Of-Its-Kind CDC Report Breaks Down Soda StatisticsThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the figures Wednesday in a report said to be the government's first to offer national statistics for both adults and kids.
Police: Teen Beaned With Full Can Of Soda That Driver Mistook For BeerA Weymouth woman is facing assault charges, accused throwing a can of soda out a car window and hitting a teenager with it.
Approved School Nutrition Rules Cut Out Junk Food, Soda Massachusetts public health regulators have approved regulations to limit the sale of sugary soft drinks, salty and calorie-packed snacks, and even white bread sandwiches from public schools.
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