Social Security Keystroke Mistake Declares Thousands Dead Each YearIt’s estimated the Social Security Administration mistakenly declares about 14,000 people dead each year.
Scams And Scammers Are EverywhereWe get smartphones and scammers somehow figure out how to outsmart us and our smartphones.
Retirement Plans At WorkMore and more employers are eliminating their pension plans and only 60% of employers currently offer retirement plans.
How To Achieve A Comfortable Retirement This rarely happens, but retirement planning should start with your first job.
Social Security And WomenSocial Security is synonymous with retirement income, but it is much more.
The Retirement Income GapThe retirement income gap is currently 44 cents for women for every $1 that men will collect and it's been well reported that more women than men will encounter financial hardship during retirement.
Bag Lady SyndromeFor many women their biggest fear is that they will be penniless and homeless in their old age and unable to afford food, shelter, and medical care.
The Problem With Not Knowing Your Credit StatsYou may think your credit report is perfect because you have never been late or missed any of your loan payments, but recent studies have shown that perhaps as many as 50% of all credit reports have errors in them.
Should The Kids Inherit It All?Nobody wants to talk about the inevitable, but no one gets out of here alive.
Mid-Year Tax Planning For NewlywedsWe are midway into the tax year and it’s a good time to think about taxes even if it's only for a few minutes each day.
All About Disability InsuranceIf you are unable to work due to an accident or illness, it's disability insurance that will protect you.
Financial Goals For RetireesIf you haven’t planned well for retirement you may find yourself coming up short.
Will There Be Enough Money In Retirement?The more money you have saved the more options you will have in retirement.
Marriage, The Second Time AroundLove is grand and it’s wonderful at all ages.
My Social Security Benefit Will Be Enough For RetirementTreat Social Security benefits as a bonus, not your main source of income.