Curious About Tomahawk MissilesWhat is the cost of a Tomahawk cruise missile? - Mike, S. Wellfleet
Curious Who Pays For American EvacuationsWhen the Federal Government has to evacuate Americans from areas of natural disasters like we are seeing in Japan, or earlier in Egypt, who pays the bill? - Lynne
Curious About the Size of JapanHow large is Japan, say in relation to the United States? - Virginia, Brockton
Curious About Alternative Energy SalesWhat happens when someone comes to your home trying to sell you electricity? That's going on in the Boston area and some of you are telling us you're feeling misled.
Curious About The Hole In Downtown CrossingThe city of Boston is trying to get more people to Downtown Crossing, but many of the area’s woes are blamed on the stalled Filene’s Basement project.
Curious About Radiation RisksIf radiation causes cancer, why is radiation one of the treatments for cancer? - Richard, Worcester
Curious About New Bank FeesA lot of people are finding a surprise when they open up their latest checking account statements. It's a new fee, just to get copies of your canceled checks.
Curious About U.S. Aid To Foreign CountriesCraig from Fall River is curious. "Why is it that our government continues to give billions of our tax dollars to dictators and not to the millions of Americans who are struggling?” he asks.
Curious About Tsunamis In New EnglandIt’s hard to imagine enduring the devastation from Friday’s Japan earthquake in New England. One viewer is curious if we could ever see a tsunami in New England.
Curious About CFL Light Bulb CleanupWhile I was vacationing in Florida, I saw a news report regarding the new fluorescent lights that will be replacing the incandescent bulbs. According to the report, these new bulbs contain mercury, but if they break we're simply to sweep up the remains and deposit them in the trash. Isn't this dangerous? We've all seen the commercial "Don't put mercury in the trash" regarding old batteries. - Mike, Milford
Curious Why Commuter Rail Conductors Don't Always Collect FaresReplacing old trains will cost the 'T' millions of dollars it says it doesn't have. Some of you curious why conductors don't make sure everyone has paid.
Curious About the Happiest StateMaybe you like this new site.....but I tried to find the list of Happiest States and could not find anything....I heard it on BZ tv but cannot find it on this site......What the heck am I doing wrong. and how come if something is not broken everyone wants to fix it? - Joan, Southbridge
Curious About Rising Gas PricesGas prices keep soaring, and now the government is warning they could be as high as four dollars a gallon this summer. Prices have risen every day for three weeks, and are now fourteen cents higher than they were last week.
Curious About Payments To Commuter RailI'd be interested to know what the MBTA pays the MBCR to manage the rail system. What is the salary package of the heads of the MBCR? - Jayne, Beverly
Curious About Finding Unknown Charges On BillsHow many of us check every bill we receive, line by line? When one Amesbury family did they discovered a "mystery" charge. They say they're victims of "cramming" -- being billed for an unauthorized charge.