School Lunch Times Too Short For Some StudentsMany public schools are offering healthier options for lunch these days but are they giving students enough time to eat them?
More Kids Choosing To Eat Healthy LunchesThere is good news when it comes to your child’s school lunch.
NightSide - School LunchesLet Them Eat Broccoli
Daily Talker: Mother Fined For Kids' LunchesA mother in Manitoba, Canada was charged a $10 fee after she sent them to daycare with a lunch that included roast beef, potatoes, carrots, an orange and milk. The reason? The dayare said it didn't include any grains as required by the provincial Early Learning and Child Care department. The daycare gave her kids Ritz crackers and sent home a note saying she would be charged a fine of $5 per child.
Cafeteria Workers Will Be Fired For Denying Attleboro Students School Lunch The school lunch company announced that it is taking disciplinary actions against four of it's employees it says denied school lunch to students who didn't have enough money.
Several Attleboro Students Denied School Lunch Because They Couldn't PayAs many as two dozen children at the Coelho Middle School were denied lunch Tuesday because they couldn’t pay for it.
Opinion: Stop, Michelle Obama! The Children Are HungryIn recent decades, the government has taken to feeding needy children to combat the negativity of trying to learn while being hungry. Now, with new Obama administration regulations on school lunches, we have a government that is causing hunger.
Shame Sandwich? School Serves 'Cold Cheese' For Unpaid LunchesSome parents are criticizing a new policy at a Rhode Island school that gives cold cheese sandwiches to students who fall behind on lunch payments.
New Nutritional Guidelines May Force Chocolate Milk Off School MenuSome new state and federal guidelines may do away with a school kid favorite: chocolate milk.
Mass. Health Officials Approve Strict School Nutrition StandardsHealth officials approve new school nutrition standards that could be among the toughest in the country and will help combat childhood obesity.
Keller @ Large: Cameras Coming To A School Lunchroom Near You?Cameras are currently set up in San Antonio schools photographing what students are eating in an effort to fight childhood obesity.