Police: Scam Victims Paid $306K For Counterfeit Gold Dust At Mass. HotelPolice are trying to identify two men who they say scammed a trio out of hundreds of thousands of dollars with fake gold dust.
Fraud Protection: Dealing With Scammer On The PhoneThe Federal Trade Commission has some guidelines when dealing with a possible scammer on the phone.
National Consumer Protection Week: Identity TheftIf you believe you are a victim of identity theft, get your free credit report right away to ensure identity thieves have not opened additional accounts.
National Consumer Protection Week: PasswordsLet’s talk about the passwords to your various accounts. You can’t shop on Amazon, check the morning newspaper or you phone bill online without a password.
National Consumer Protection Week: More From The FTCRemember there's no sure thing in investing. If someone contacts you saying they have a low-risk, high-return investment opportunity, stay away.
National Consumer Protection Week: FTCFederal Trade Commission (FTC) has some suggestions to help you avoid fraud.
National Consumer Protection Week: Scams, Spams & PhishingThis is National Consumers Protection week. This is a national campaign to help consumers make better-informed decisions and avoid being scammed.
JetBlue Warns Of $500 Gift Card ScamJetBlue is warning flyers about a fake offer going around the internet that’s just too good to be true.
Police Warn Of 'Can You Hear Me?' Phone ScamIf the next phone call you answer starts off strangely, it might be a scam.
Making The Holidays Happen: Holiday ScamsScammers are very aware that so many of us are frazzled this time of year and we let our guard down.
Preventing Senior Scams: Medical FraudBesides trying to get your Medicare number, scammers may call about an overdue medical bill, asking for bank account information so they can process the payment. Best advice, hang up.