I-Team: Somerville Mom And Daughter With Special Needs Overwhelmed By Community SupportA young Somerville mom is feeling a renewed sense of hope that she and her daughter with special needs will soon have a place to call home.
MBTA Plans To Have Positive Train Control Operational On Commuter Rail By 2020Despite an initial federal mandate, the MBTA commuter rail system still has a couple years to go before PTC is up and running.
I-Team: Living In Shelter With Special Needs Daughter, Working Mom Falls Victim To Rental ScamA young, working mother thought she was getting an apartment in Somerville for her and five-year-old daughter. Instead, she lost hundreds of dollars to a scam the FBI is seeing all over the country.
I-Team: Retired State Police Leaders Earn Nearly $300,000 In Unused Vacation, Sick TimeThe retirement of two of the top state police leaders will end up costing taxpayers nearly $300,000 for unused vacation and sick time, WBZ-TV’s I-Team has learned.
Audit: DCF Missing Serious Injuries Suffered By Kids In Its CareThe Department of Children and Families did not know about 260 serious injuries to kids under the agency’s care, including gunshot wounds, burns, broken bones, and head contusions.
I-Team: After Consumers Struggle To Get Mass Save Rebates, Utilities Promise ImprovementsSince first starting to follow the issue, the WBZ I-Team has helped 13 customers secure more than $37,000 in Mass Save rebates that were erroneously delayed or denied.
One Year Later: Business Booming, Entrepreneur With Down Syndrome Now Hiring Employees With DisabilitiesYou can’t blame Collette Divitto for feeling a little giddy this holiday season.
I-Team: What Taxpayers Need To Know When The IRS Wants To ‘Verify’ Your IdentityWith all of the massive data breaches at companies like Equifax, there is a better chance than ever a thief will steal your identity and try to cash in on a fraudulent tax return.
How To Protect Yourself From Unwanted Electric Bill ChangesThere's an easy way for companies to make changes to your bill without your permission. And it usually starts with a knock at the door.
I-Team: Lawmaker Questions Utilities About Mass Save Rebate IssuesA state lawmaker is questioning utility companies about why some consumers have difficulties receiving their Mass Save rebates.
I-Team: Design Industry Rallies To Support Of Dorchester Youth NonprofitAfter a designer ripped off a Boston nonprofit that serves low-income kids, people who work in the industry are rallying to support the youth organization.
Collette Divitto, Businesswoman With Down Syndrome, Honored As 'New Englander Of The Year'The Boston baker's cookie business and her inspiring story have gone viral this year.
I-Team: ‘Million Dollar Decorator’ Allegedly Rips Off Nonprofit, Others Across CountryA Boston nonprofit that provides afterschool programs for low-income kids says an interior designer took their money, but never delivered.
I-Team: Cape Cod Man Charged Nearly $700 For Knee Brace Available Online For $125A Cape Cod man was charged $672.22 through insurance for a knee brace that only costs $125 online.
I-Team: After Expensive Energy Upgrades, Consumers Struggle To Get Promised Mass Save RebatesAfter several months and phone calls, homeowners could not get any answers about why their rebate checks had not arrived.