Barstool's Dave Portnoy Won't Be Allowed To Watch Monday Night Football At Roger Goodell's HouseThere will be no olive branch between Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.
Sean Payton Goes Off On NFL, Calls Bountygate A 'Sham'New Orleans and New England may not have too much in common. Yet when it comes to being subjected to overreaching NFL investigations with excessive penalties issued by Roger Goodell, the football locales are basically two peas in a pod.
Barstool's Dave Portnoy Wins Auction To Visit Roger Goodell's House For Monday Night FootballSuffice it to say, the league never saw this wrinkle coming.
NFL Gives Teams Protocols For First Phase Of Reopening FacilitiesThe NFL wants desperately to play a full season in the fall, with stadiums full of fans. Whether that goal is actually achievable remains in question, but the league is setting up to take its first step toward beginning the 2020 season in earnest.
Barstool's Dave Portnoy Bids Big Bucks To Watch Football In Roger Goodell's HomeThe Dave Portnoy-Roger Goodell feud has entered new territory. The NFL might not have thought this one through.
Tom Brady Challenges Roger Goodell -- To Join 'All In Challenge'Tom Brady is challenging NFL commissioner Roger Goodell once again.
Patriots-Bengals Sideline Video Incident Still 'Under Review' By NFLThat is the update. Here, in mid-April, 2020. "The matter remains under review." The matter? Oh that matter? It remains ... under review.
Details Emerge On How NFL Draft Will Take Place Despite Coronavirus LimitationsThe 2020 NFL Draft will look nothing like any that have ever come before it -- and hopefully like none will after it.
Report: NFL Coaches, Execs, IT Employees 'Concerned' About Coronavirus Spreading While Preparing For Virtual DraftEven the simplest solutions can have complications these days.
NFL Planning Full Season With Full Stadiums -- Is It Optimism Or Arrogance?On the one hand, exerting optimism in the face of a national crisis can be considered admirable. Yet for a multi-billion dollar business, exercising prudence should be a mandate.
Report: NFL Team Personnel 'Angry' With Roger GoodellIf Roger Goodell truly does not want to hear any dissenting opinions from anyone working in the league, then the NFL commissioner is going to need to throw on some earmuffs.
Roger Goodell Threatens Punishment To Anyone Who Criticizes League For Holding Draft During Coronavirus PandemicEveryone is concerned with stopping the spread of the coronavirus. Many families are concerned with paying rent and buying groceries. Roger Goodell, though, is concerned with any NFL employees who dare criticize his decision to hold the NFL draft as scheduled.
Rob Gronkowski Unwittingly Messed With Roger Goodell, Assuming It Was A Prank CallIf you're going to call Rob Gronkowski, you better hope that your name is in his list of contacts. Otherwise, you're liable to be messed with. Even if you're Roger Goodell.
Roger Goodell's Message To Patriots Sounded Ominous, As NFL Extends Unnecessary InvestigationRoger Goodell still wants to drop the hammer on the Patriots. His comments during his Super Bowl press conference make that quite clear.
Roger Goodell: NFL More Intent On Helping -- Not Punishing -- Antonio BrownRoger Goodell took a noticeably different tone with the matter than usual, choosing to speak about Brown's "well-being" instead of focusing on a potential NFL suspension.