Baby Boomers: Retire Or RehireThe average age for retirement nationwide is 63. But here in Massachusetts folks chose to work longer and retire at 65.
Baby Boomers: The When, The What & The WhereWhen are you going to retire? What are you going to do when you retire? Where are you going to retire?
Baby Boomers: Retirement IncomeBoomers as a group never saved like their parents and grandparents. So what is a Boomer to do?
Baby Boomers: Happy Birthday!Many of our listeners turn 65 today! And they will have company for 10,000 Boomers will celebrate their 65th birthday today as well.
Preparing For Retirement: Healthcare CostsFidelity has been tracking this cost since 2002 and estimates the average 65-year old couple retiring in 2016 will spend $260,000 to pay for out-of-pocket health care expenses over the course of retirement.
Preparing For Retirement: Retirement WithdrawalsAs a rule of thumb, Fidelity suggests limiting portfolio withdrawals to no more than 4-5% of your initial retirement assets, adjusted each year for inflation over the course of your retirement horizon.
Massachusetts Named One Of The Best States For RetireesWondering where you should spend your retirement? Forget the sunny locales and take a look at New England.
Preparing For Retirement: Social Security BenefitsSocial Security is a key part of retirement income for most Americans.
Preparing For Retirement: Thoughts About The MarketThe Fidelity survey revealed that the majority of folks are unaware that the market has enjoyed a positive annual return 30 out of the past 35 year years.
Preparing For Retirement: What Do You Know?Fidelity released the results of its first ever Retirement IQ Survey last week and found that many Americans find the subject of retirement planning to be a daunting prospect.
Important Ages For Retirement Planning: Age 70½Congress and the IRS decided that you cannot leave your pre-tax retirement savings growing forever tax-deferred, so they chose 70½ for you to begin mandatory withdrawals.
Important Ages For Retirement Planning: Age 65: Social Security MentalityCurrent thinking has 65 as the normal retirement age and that’s because at one time a worker could collect full Social Security benefits at age 65. No more.
Important Ages For Retirement Planning: Almost 60Almost 60 is technically 59½, the age you finally can get at those dollars you have been stashing away for years in your retirement plans without paying a 10% penalty.
Important Ages For Retirement Planning: Double Digits 55Age 55 seems to be a magical number. It’s the elusive goal for retiring early!
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