Market Basket Prices Not The Lowest, According To New SurveyMarket Basket shoppers scrambling to find other stores with low prices have some options, according to a new research.
Low Lobster Prices Hurting Local FishermenLobster prices are the lowest they've been in years and while that may be good for the consumer, it's hurting local fishermen and seafood distributors.
Slight Improvement In Mass. Housing MarketTwo organizations that track the Massachusetts housing market say a slow but steady recovery continues.
Coakley Unveils Plan to Bring Down Health Care Costs Attorney General Martha Coakley says state government should have the power to temporarily intervene if health care providers are unable to bring down costs on their own.
Paying A Pretty Penny To Park The Car - Boston Parking Prices Rank 3rd Highest in USPark your car in Harvard Yard all you want. If you come across the river to park your heap in Boston, it'll cost you.
Cup Of Joe Costing Too Much Dough? Coffee Prices On The RiseFor more and more of Americans, that daily cup is a necessity, not a luxury.
Coakley Cracking Down On Gas Price Gouging Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley is warning gas stations against price gouging as the cost of gasoline continues to climb.
Curious Why Oil, Gas Prices Are Rising So QuicklyOil and gas prices have been climbing hitting us all in the pocketbook. By why is that happening? Is it as simple as the law of supply and demand, or is something more happening.
Gas Prices Keep Creeping UpGasoline prices were up another $0.03 in Massachusetts the week of March 6, 2011, to $3.48 per gallon.
Curious About Inflation And PricesBy the time you fill up your tank and buy some groceries these days, there usually isn’t much money left over.
Local gas prices hit new low for year