'We Will Hold [Trump] Accountable': Senator Warren Campaigns For Biden In New HampshireAt a Joe Biden rally in Manchester, Senator Warren urged supporters to hold President Donald Trump "accountable" for what she says is his failure to handle coronavirus pandemic responsibly.
Baker Doesn't Sign Letter From Rep. Governors Urging Senate To Confirm Judge Amy Coney BarrettTwenty-four of the nation’s 28 Republican governors signed the letter praising Barrett’s background and philosophy.
New England Journal Of Medicine Slams Trump Administration's Coronavirus ResponseThe New England Journal of Medicine published an editorial condemning the Trump administration for its response to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Keller @ Large: Poll Shows Voters Trust Biden Over Trump To Handle CrimeWith Election Day exactly four weeks away, a new CNN poll shows former Vice President Joe Biden with a growing lead over President Donald Trump.
Hundreds Of Trump Supporters Hold Rolling Rally From Plymouth To NHA caravan on cars held a rolling rally in support of President Trump Saturday.
Keller @ Large: Will Voters Punish Trump For Deriding Coronavirus Precautions?Jon says President Trump’s decisions to deride and downplay coronavirus precautions rank among the worst any leader has ever made.
'Wear A God Damn Mask,' Joe Kennedy Tweets While Wishing Trump Fast Covid RecoveryJoe Kennedy wished President Trump well Friday morning hours after the president announced he had coronavirus, but he followed it up with - "Wear a god damn mask."
President Trump Tests Positive For COVID-19: Boston Doctor Explains Risk Level, Contract TracingAn infectious disease doctor from Brigham and Women's Hospital explains who needs to get tested after President Trump's coronavirus announcement.
President Trump Has Coronavirus - Dr. Mallika Marshall Looks At What's NextDr. Mallika Marshall said President will be watched closely for coronavirus symptoms while he's in quarantine.
Mayor Walsh Calls Trump's Letter To Food Aid Recipients 'Insulting'President Donald Trump is reportedly trying to take credit for a $4 billion federal food aid program and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh called it "insulting."
Keller @ Large: Trump Biden Presidential Debate 'Worst I've Ever Seen'Jon Keller said this debate was "hands down the worst presidential debate that I’ve ever seen."