Study Links Living Close To Highways With Heart Attack, StrokeThe study by researchers at Tufts University School of Medicine and Boston University School of Health claims those living close to the Massachusetts Turnpike and Interstate 93 were at higher risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke.
USGS: More Data Needed To Assess Any Fracking-Pollution LinkA new study by the U.S. Geological Survey says more data is needed to be able to say for sure if a link exists between unconventional oil and gas development and degraded water quality.
Beauty Products Aim To Protect Skin From Damage Of PollutionExperts say pollution can accelerate normal aging by breaking down collagen and increasing the free radicals in skin.
Cruise Ship Pollution Concerns In South BostonThe massive ships burn the dirtiest type of fuel, even when they’re sitting in port. One solution to avoid pollution in port is to have ships plug into shore power when they are docked.
Exxon Mobil Must Pay $236M In NH Pollution CaseExxon Mobil Corp. was found liable Tuesday in a long-running lawsuit over groundwater contamination caused by the gasoline additive MTBE, and the jury ordered the oil giant to pay $236 million to New Hampshire to clean it up.
Pollution Nightmare In Attleboro NeighborhoodSome people have already been moved out by the Environmental Protection Agency and others are worried they will never be able to sell their houses.
I-Team: Idling Law Rarely EnforcedThere is a pretty simple law on the books in Massachusetts which says most vehicles cannot idle for more than five minutes.
Curious About Boston Harbor Pollution And Clam DiggingAs clean as the harbor is now, the problems aren't completely fixed. A viewer's husband digs clams on the harbor's shores, and is curious about recent closures.
How Electrofishing Is Bringing The Charles River Back To LifeElectrofishing is part of a state project to re-introduce the fish called the American Shad into the Charles River.
Curious About Trucks' Black Smoke And PollutionWe have to get our cars inspected every year, but what about trucks? Kate from Concord declared her curiosity to WBZ: "I can't tell you how many times...