Pedro Martinez Is Not A Fan Of Astros Whistleblower Mike FiersMike Fiers is being praised by many for revealing the Houston Astros' sign-stealing ways. But Red Sox great Pedro Martinez is not in that camp.
Tom Brady Wearing Another Team's Jersey Would Shake Up Boston Sports In A Way Never Before SeenThe flood of images showing what life would be like if Tom Brady were to actually wear another team's jersey is not going to stop any time soon. Boston's never seen anything like it.
Pedro Martinez Adds To Chorus Saying Baseballs In MLB Are Juiced"For those of you that doubt it, that don't know it, look how small my signature needs to be," he said. "Some of the skinniest fingers. If I want to throw a two-seam fastball, there's no way I can get my two fingers in there and not touch the seams over there."
It's Almost Time To Celebrate The 20th Anniversary Of Pedro Martinez's DominanceMaybe things aren't going perfectly for the Boston Red Sox this season. And maybe the Red Sox don't have any starters in next week's All-Star game. But that won't mean that Red Sox fans have nothing to celebrate in the upcoming week.
Pedro Martinez Breaks Down In Tears While Talking About David Ortiz ShootingPedro Martinez had a hard time talking about David Ortiz on Monday night, after the retired Red Sox slugger was shot in the Dominican Republic over the weekend.
'That Was F------ Impressive Man': Nathan Eovaldi Turns Heads In World Series LossNathan Eovaldi impressed just about everyone with his epic World Series performance Friday night in Los Angeles.
2004 Red Sox Throw Out Ceremonial World Series First Pitch; Curt Schilling Not InvitedRed Sox fans had plenty to cheer for on Wednesday night at Fenway Park, and that was before the game even began.
Pedro Martinez Throws Some High Heat At Umpire Angel Hernandez After Brutal Game 3If you thought the Yankees had a bad night on Monday, veteran umpire Angel Hernandez would like you to hold his proverbial beer.
Red Sox Announce Alumni Game, Featuring Pedro Martinez, Wade Boggs And More At Fenway ParkFor the first time in 25 years, the Red Sox will be hosting an alumni game at Fenway Park.
Pedro Martinez Hangs Out With Bobby Orr During Bruins-Lightning Game 3Boston fans didn't have much to cheer about during Wednesday night's Game 3 against the Tampa Bay Lightning, but they got to enjoy a pretty awesome honorary banner captain before the game.
Pedro Martinez Applauds Joe Kelly For Plunking Yankees' Tyler AustinThe Red Sox-Yankees rivalry is officially back on after the two teams came to blows on Wednesday night at Fenway Park -- and Pedro Martinez loves it.