Ups And Downs: Patriots Defense Dominates While Offense Runs Wild In Win Over PanthersThe Patriots won their third straight game in fairly dominant fashion on Sunday, with the defense completely shutting down Sam Darnold and the Carolina Panthers for a 24-6 victory.
Ups And Downs: Patriots Defense Stands Tall In Convincing Win Over ChargersWe've got ourselves a football season in New England. The Patriots are now riding a win streak, victorious on two straight Sundays following a solid 27-24 road victory over the Chargers on Halloween.
Ups & Downs From Patriots OT Loss To Cowboys: Bad Day For Pair Of New England's Big Free Agent SigningsYou only get so many "moral victories" in a season, and the Patriots have already used up their quota for the year.
Ups & Downs: Patriots Bounce Back From Shaky Start, Finish Strong In Win Over TexansThis was just an ugly, ugly football game. Fumbles at the one-centimeter line, punts off a teammate's head. Patriots-Texans had it all -- as long as you like bad football.
Ups And Downs: Is Loss To Tom Brady And Buccaneers A Moral Victory For Mac Jones And Patriots?Real wins are all that really matter in New England. But there was a lot of good to take away from Sunday's close call against Tom Brady and the Bucs.
Ups & Downs: It's Over For Patriots After An Ugly Week 15 Loss To DolphinsIt's over. Following an uninspiring 22-12 loss to the Miami Dolphins, the New England Patriots are officially out of the NFL's playoff picture.
Ups & Downs From Patriots' Disappointing Loss To TexansOnce again, the "Downs" are a lot more plentiful than the "Ups" for the New England Patriots.
Ups & Downs: Patriots Keep Playoff Hopes Alive With Stunning Win Over RavensAnd just like that, the Patriots put themselves back in the playoff hunt with a surprising -- but impressive -- win over the Ravens.
Patriots Ups & Downs: Cam Newton Benched, Offense Nonexistent In Loss To 49ersThere is nothing to feel good about the Patriots following a 33-6 drubbing by the 49ers in Week 7.
Ups & Downs: Officials Robbed Patriots, But Offense Continues To StruggleAll the ups and lots of downs from New England's 23-16 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.
Ups and Downs: Patriots Offense AND Defense Struggle In Frustrating Loss To TexansThis was supposed to be the weekend that the Patriots offense got on track against a suspect Houston Texans defense. That did not happen, and now the Patriots are no longer the No. 1 seed in the AFC.