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Hall Of Famer-To-Be Ty Law 'Disappointed' In NFL Adopting Replay Review For Pass InterferenceTy Law, whose physical style led directly to league-wide rule changes, is not a fan of the NFL adopting replay review for pass interference.
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Hurley: NFL Adding Replay Review For Pass Interference Is ... Actually Pretty GoodEven as a skeptic of everything the NFL does, and even as someone who mocked what sounded like a foolish replay proposal a week ago, I am able to admit that the new rule is actually .... pretty good. It ought to help more than it hurts. And isn't that the goal?
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Hurley: NFL Trying To Fix Instant Replay Problem By ... Not Addressing That Problem At AllOne might reasonably assume that the NFL's new rule proposal would work as a measure to fix the nightmare scenario in the NFC Championship Game in New Orelans. Well, one would be wrong.