UNH Project Helps Restore Oyster PopulationA major effort is underway to restore the natural oyster population, which has plummeted in recent decades due to disease, over-harvesting and other problems.
Duxbury-Area Oyster Beds Shut Down Due To BacteriaThe health department stepped in after at least five people got sick because of a naturally-occurring bacteria called vibrio.
Legal Oysteria: Oysters and Italian-Style Seafood at a New Charlestown EateryA new Charlestown offshoot of the ubiquitous Legal chain, Legal Oysteria is the company’s first oysteria, specializing in Italian-style seafood.
Phantom Gourmet: Great 8 Seafood RestaurantsBeing in New England, Phantom's standard for seafood is pretty high. So when a seafood restaurant gets his stamp of approval, you might want to take notice.
Global Gluttony: World Feasts Worth The TrekWhat better reason to travel than trying to these amazing foods?
Mass. Oyster Beds Reopening After Contamination Scare Massachusetts health and fishery officials are reopening oyster beds that have been closed for several weeks because of naturally occurring bacterial contamination.
Bed Closures Hurting Small But Growing Oyster Industry In Mass.The recent closures of Massachusetts oyster beds due to bacterial contamination have caused angst in the state's small but growing oyster industry.
Keller @ Large: Oyster Heists On Cape A Serious ProblemThe real threat to our well-being this summer? The rash of oyster heists down the Cape.
Guide To Boston's Best Seafood RestaurantsWhether you want to get down and dirty as you peel and crack your way through shellfish or sip wine and savor caviar and a raw bar, Boston has many seafood spots to choose from, each with their own specialty.
Warm Waters Raise Risk For Bacteria In Raw OystersThe state is making changes after five people got sick from raw oysters last summer.
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