Man Found Burning In San Diego Was Once Prisoner Of North KoreaAijalon Gomes, 38, had recently moved from Boston to San Diego.
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Sen. Markey Criticizes Trump On North Korea, Calls For DiplomacySen. Ed Markey said President Donald Trump's warnings of "major, major action" against North Korea add up to a dangerous situation for the US and the world, and called for caution in dealing with the dictatorship.
PR Specialist: Sony Cyberattack Threat To All Of HollywoodHollywood is on high alert as the Sony cyberattack by North Korea continues to reverberate worldwide.
Keller @ Large: The Real Villains Of This PlotThis whole story of the alleged North Korean hackers breaching the Sony Pictures computer system and forcing the withdrawal of their movie mocking North Korea’s dictator has no shortage of villains.
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Just Some Stuff.......Catchin' up!! Watching Coach Rice sobbing his apology was a blubbering joke. The only sad part of the post mortem on this story is.....if he was a winning coach and not a loser, he'd probably still be throwing basketballs at the defenseless backs, heads and legs of his players.