Brad Marchand Defends His Punch, Says It Was Response To Blue Jackets Punching Jake DeBruskOn Wednesday afternoon, after having some time to settle down, Marchand ... didn't regret a thing.
Report: Bruins' Brad Marchand Will Not Be Suspended Or Fined For Punching Scott HarringtonBrad Marchand lit the internet on fire on Tuesday night with his unprovoked punch to the back of the head of Blue Jackets defenseman Scott Harrington. But he apparently didn't upset the folks at the NHL's department of player safety too much.
NHL Issues No Supplemental Discipline For Andrew Shaw's Hit To Adam McQuaid's HeadDoes the NHL really care about player safety? It's a question that's been earnestly asked for a decade now, ever since the policing of dangerous and predatory hits has been taken to new levels. The most recent on-ice incident that's being excused by the NHL would seemingly answer that question with a big fat "no."
Nazem Kadri Suspended 3 Games For Hit On Tommy WingelsNazem Kadri didn't like a hit that he saw delivered by Tommy Wingels on Thursday night, so he delivered what he believed to be some on-ice justice.
Will NHL Do Anything To Brayden Schenn For Hit To David Krejci's Head?You'll never believe this, but people who watch a lot of hockey have absolutely no idea whether or not the NHL department of player safety might enforce some level of discipline on a player for a questionable hit in the middle of a game.
Bruins' Brad Marchand Suspended For 2 Games For Spearing Tampa's Jake DotchinBrad Marchand will have to sit out the rest of the regular season.
Bruins' Brad Marchand Avoids Suspension, But Fined $10K For 'Dangerous Trip'Brad Marchand avoided suspension for slewfooting Niklas Kronwall, but was fined the maximum amount allowed under the NHL's CBA.
Zac Rinaldo Suspended Five Games For Hit On Cedric PaquetteThe NHL department of player safety ruled to suspend Rinaldo for five games for his hit on Tampa Bay's Cedric Paquette on Sunday night in Boston.