Hurley's Picks: Remember When The Browns Were Going To Win The Super Bowl?It's worth taking a step back to recall a certain story that now feels like ancient history. And that story in this case involves a narrative formed over many months that decided that this year, in The Year Of Our Lord Two-Thousand And Nineteen ... the Cleveland Browns were going to be a legitimate Super Bowl contender. In real life!
Hurley's Picks: Remembering The Last Time Tom Brady Was 'On To Cincinnati'The last time Tom Brady and the Patriots were "on to Cincinnati" it worked out pretty well for them.
Hurley's Picks: Picking Perfect Playoff Matchups As NFL Season Enters Final QuarterThere's still a ton to be decided in both the AFC and NFC when it comes to shaping the playoff field. Sorting that out, and making Week 14 picks.
NFL Picks: Questioning Why Detroit Lions Play Every Thanksgiving, And Ignoring Dallas' DysfunctionIt's Thanksgiving, which means three things: food, family, and football. Unfortunately, for the 10,000th year in a row, that football will include Detroit Lions football -- the worst type of football there is.
Hurley's Picks: Colin Kaepernick Debacle Showed Startling Number Of Football Fans Eager To Believe BillionairesIt was alarming to find so many people who seemed to have thought, "Hmm, after years of treating Colin Kaepernick like a criminal, it's nice to see the folks at the NFL have changed their stance and has decided to do something out of the goodness of their hearts. Very sweet of them."
Hurley's Picks: Being Worse Than The Dolphins Can Lead To Some Deep, Deep Soul SearchingWhat to do when you realize that you're worse than the Dolphins? You've got to take some unorthodox steps to flip the script.
Hurley's Picks: Nobody Needs Or Wants An NFL Team In London -- Except The BillionairesPutting an NFL team in London is a bad idea. Nobody -- aside from those who are already profiting in the billions of dollars -- want it to happen. Now let's make some picks.
Hurley's Picks: Tom Brady's Decline Is FantasticYes, of course Tom Brady is in the midst of his decline. And that decline absolutely kicks ass. It slays. It is the most badass decline in the history of declines.
Hurley's Picks: Huge Ghosts In Sam Darnold's Future, Plus The Untold Stories Of NFL JourneymenSharing the unforgiving life of NFL journeymen before diving headfirst into Week 8 NFL picks against the spread.
Hurley's Picks: Christian McCaffrey Is Superman; Freddie Kitchens Is NotIf you're not talking about Christian McCaffrey, stop whatever it is that you are doing, and start talking about Christian McCaffrey.
Hurley's Picks: It's Unhealthy To Play The Dolphins, And It's Wasteful To Talk 16-0The Week 5 NFL Picks include a solid theory about why facing the Dolphins is bad for your health, and some reasons why 16-0 talk is a waste of time.
'Expect Tom Brady To Stomp Them Out,' Says CBS Philadelphia's Don BellCBS Philadelphia sports anchor Don Bell sees Tom Brady and the Patriots rolling over the Redskins in their Week 5 matchup.
'If Josh Allen Can Minimize Mistakes, Bills Pull This One Out' Says CBS Baltimore's Rick RitterCBS Baltimore anchor Rick Ritter thinks the Bills could pull off a stunning upset this Sunday if Josh Allen can take care of the ball.
Hurley's Picks: Power Ranking NFL's Best 3-0 Teams And Worst 0-3 TeamsPower ranking the very best and the very worst NFL teams, before making picks for Week 4.
'The Patriots Have Been A Machine': CBS Pittsburgh Sports Anchor Bob PompeaniThe Patriots steamrolled their first two opponents, and with the Jets starting practice squad QB Luke Falk, that trend should continue Sunday.