Study: Children Being Bullied For Sexual Identity At Young AgeResearchers at Boston Children's Hospital found that boys and girls who identify as sexual minorities, like gay, lesbian, or bisexual, are more likely to be bullied and victimized by their peers.
'Bionic Pancreas' For Diabetics Developed At MGH, BU Makes ProgressScientists have made big progress on a "bionic pancreas" to free some people with diabetes from the daily ordeal of managing their disease.
Harvard-Led Study Finds No Merit In 'Obesity Paradox' Being overweight or obese does not lead to a longer life when it comes to patients with Type 2 Diabetes.
New Rotavirus Vaccines Seem Safer, Studies Find Newer vaccines against rotavirus, a severe diarrheal disease in children, slightly raise the risk of a rare bowel problem that doomed an earlier vaccine, new studies show.
Study: Eating Nuts Reduces Rate Of Heart Disease, Cancer In the largest study of its kind, people who ate a daily handful of nuts were 20 percent less likely to die from any cause over a 30-year period than were those who didn’t consume nuts.
Harvard Researcher Explains Importance Of Early Obesity Prevention"How early should obesity prevention start?" That's the name of a "perspective" in Thursday's New England Journal of Medicine.
Study Looks At Impact Of Intimate Partner Violence On Childrens' Health Over 15 million children are exposed to intimate partner violence (IPV) each year, and the health consequences of this exposure are well-documented.
Study: Medicaid Expansion Leads To Improved Health, Fewer DeathsA new study finds that expanding Medicaid to low-income adults leads to widespread gains in coverage, access to care, improved health, and reduced mortality.
Study: Simple Scope Exam Cuts Colon Cancer DeathsA simple, cheaper exam of just the lower part of the bowel can cut the risk of developing colon cancer or dying of the disease, a large federal study finds.
Study Finds Coffee Drinkers Live LongerThe study of 400,000 people is the largest ever done on the issue, and the results should reassure any coffee lovers who think it's a guilty pleasure that may do harm.
Benefits To Treating Young Children With Ear InfectionsWith so many questions about the safety of antibiotics, parents find themselves in a tough spot when their child has an ear infection. Is it best to give them drugs or hold off? Now two new studies have an answer, especially for kids three and under.