Puppy Saved By Narcan After Possibly Ingesting FentanylA puppy became sick after apparently ingesting some sort of opioid, and was rescued by narcan.
Unresponsive Baby Transported To Hospital In PlymouthBased on information from witnesses, crews also administered Narcan to the boy.
3 Chelsea Police Officers Treated After Exposure To FentanylThree men may have overdosed in a minivan that was involved in a minor accident in Chelsea Friday afternoon.
Dog That May Have 'Overdosed' Given NarcanPolice in Maine administered Narcan to a dog Thursday morning following a potential overdose.
Video Shows Boston's Opioid Crisis FirsthandIt's a tough scene to watch: a woman realizing her friend has overdosed and using narcan to revive him. 
Inmates Overdose At Stafford County JailStaff at the Strafford County Jail administered Narcan to multiple inmates Tuesday morning.
State Police To Carry Injectable Narcan For K-9sThe State Police are the first department in Massachusetts to require K-9 officers to carry the injectable version of the drug.
Police Taking New Precautions On Opioid CallsIt used to be that when police officers responded to an opioid overdose, they worried about saving just the victim's live. Now they also have to protect their own.
City Considers Storing Anti-Overdose Drug In Public BoxesThe proposal, still a long way from implementation, calls for the medicine to be stored in lock boxes in areas of high drug use.
Maine Gov. Wants Repeat Recipients Of Narcan To Pay For ItThe governor of Maine is seeking to charge people who overdose and are revived by the opioid antidote Narcan more than once.
NH Mom Who Overdosed In Front Of Daughter Could Have Charges DismissedA woman who was seen overdosing in front of her two-year-old daughter on cellphone video last November could have charges against her dropped if she remains clean and sober for two years.