MIT Uses $29 Million Gift To Launch Down Syndrome Research CenterThe college says the money will be used to enhance research and improve the lives of people with Down syndrome.
MIT Police Hoping To Reunite Ring With Rightful OwnerThe Massachusetts Institute of Technology police department wants to reunite a found ring with its rightful owner.
MIT Engineer Creates Remotely Operated SnowblowerAn MIT engineer isn't a fan of winter - so he created a remotely operated snowblower that can run on its own for four hours.
Pea-Sized Pill Delivers Insulin Shot From Inside The StomachScientists have figured out how to hide a shot inside a pea-sized pill — creating a swallowable gadget, inspired by a tortoise shell, that can inject medicines like insulin from inside the stomach.
MIT Invents Way To Shrink Objects To Nanoscale Using A LaserThey can take any simple structure and reduce it to one 1,000th of its original size.
Brain-Controlled Bionic Limbs Developed At MITThe "smart limbs" being developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are possible because of the Ewing Amputation.
MIT Report Recommends Against Cutting School's Ties With Saudi ArabiaAn MIT review of the school's ties to Saudi Arabia has concluded that it should not break with the kingdom.
#MeToo Leaders To Get MIT Disobedience AwardThree women influential in the #MeToo movement are receiving an MIT award that recognizes disobedience for the good of society.
MIT Experimental Plane Flies Silently With No Moving PartsA nearly silent, drone-sized aircraft has shown it can fly, thanks to an MIT scientist.
MIT Study Proposes Shooting High-Powered Laser Into Space To Attract AliensThe laser beacon could be "something of a planetary porch light."
MIT Commits $1 Billion To Study Computing, AIThe Massachusetts Institute of Technology has announced a $1 billion investment to study computing and artificial intelligence.