Annual Perseid Meteor Shower Could Bring Up To 100 Shooting Stars An HourOne of the best meteor showers of the year is happening Tuesday night.
Eta Aquarrid Meteor Shower, Formed By Halley's Comet, Peaks TuesdayMay is the best spring month to view meteor activity for those in the northern hemisphere.
Lyrid Meteor Shower To Be Visible This WeekThe first meteor shower of spring, known as the Lyrid meteor shower, will present a night skywatching show beginning on Sunday evening and peaking on Wednesday night.
NASA Astronaut Shares Beautiful Image Of 2020's First Meteor ShowerNASA astronaut Christina Koch posted a dazzling image of the Quadrantid meteor shower.
Mysterious Comet Will Cause Rare 'Unicorn' Meteor Shower This WeekThe rare dazzling display in the night sky could include up to 400 meteors.
The Orionid Meteor Shower Will Peak Early This WeekThe Orionid meteor shower will peak on Monday and Tuesday, sprinkling remnants of Halley's Comet in Earth's atmosphere to create a dazzling display.
Look Up For 2 Meteor Showers This WeekShooting stars and fireballs could create quite a show in the night sky this week courtesy of two meteor showers.
The Delta Aquariid Meteor Shower Peaks This WeekThe Delta Aquariid meteor shower puts on one long summer show in July and August.
Orionid Meteor Shower Will Be Visible In Skies Over New EnglandIf you are a night owl, it'll be worth looking to the sky this weekend as the Orionid Meteor Shower makes an appearance.
Meteor Lights Up New England Sky Mid-AfternoonRon Dantowitz from the Clay Observatory in Brookline said the meteor crossing the afternoon sky, a rare occurrence, was a part of the ongoing Orionid meteor shower.
Orionid Meteor Shower Will Be One Of The Best Cosmic Shows Of The YearThanks to Halley’s Comet, our skies will be lit up over the next several nights!