Celebrated McDonald's Fry Cook With Down Syndrome DiesFreia David, who worked the French fry station at the same Needham McDonald’s for more than three decades, has died.
Donut Sticks & Bacon Sent McDonald's Sales Through The Roof Donuts Sticks and bacon were a sweet and savory success for McDonald's last quarter.
McDonald's Is Shrinking Its Late Night MenuMcDonald's wants to reduce the "complexity" of menus and store operations.
Man Passed Out Behind The Wheel At NH McDonald's Drive-Thru Charged With DUIJoshua Irizarry was found passed out behind the wheel in the drive-thru lane of the McDonald’s in Hooksett.
VIDEO: Cambridge Police Looking For Man Who Threw McDonald's Customer To The GroundPolice are looking for a person seen on video throwing a man to the ground outside a Cambridge McDonald’s on Wednesday.
McDonald's Says It Will Reduce Antibiotics In Its BeefMcDonald's says it will reduce the use of antibiotics in its beef around the world.
More Than 500 Sick From Parasite Outbreak Linked To McDonald's SaladsPeople who got sick purchased salads from McDonald's in the Midwest.
Nearly 400 People Have Now Been Sickened By Parasite In McDonald's SaladsFederal health officials reported Thursday an additional 109 cases of cyclospora infection in an ongoing outbreak linked to McDonald's salads that began in May.
McDonald's Releases 'MacCoins' That Can Be Redeemed For Free Big MacAs the Big Mac turns 50, McDonald’s is offering a birthday gift to fans of the iconic fast food sandwich.
More People Sickened By Parasite In Outbreak Linked To McDonald's SaladsIn less than a week, the number of cases of reported illness from eating McDonald's salads rose from 61 to 163.
McDonald's Salads Linked To More Than 100 Cases Of Foodborne IllnessThe fast food chain has voluntarily stopped selling salads at 3,000 restaurants in the Midwest.