Deer Freed After Spending Weeks With Chicken Feeder Stuck Around NeckThe feeder was restricting the deer’s ability to see, hear, and eat.
Bobcat Released By Environmental Police In Western Mass.Massachusetts Environmental Police had to get a little creative in releasing an angry bobcat from a trap in Western Massachusetts Tuesday night.
Environmental Police Seize Undersized Bass, Donate Them To Food PantryMassachusetts Environmental Police seized 72 pounds of undersized bass from a popular fishing area and donated the illegal catch to an area food pantry.
Illegally Caught Lobsters Donated To Homeless VeteransLobsters seized by authorities on Sunday because they were caught illegally went to a good cause.
Environmental Police Tranquilize Moose Before It Can Reach Mass PikeEnvironmental police said the juvenile moose was in Ludlow and “in danger of crossing the Pike."
Hunter Accidentally Shoots Himself While Testing Ice Strength With RifleA hunter was injured recently after accidentally shooting himself in the chest when he used the butt of his rifle to test how thick an icy surface was.
'Unique' Baby Snapping Turtles Recovered From Mass. PoolMassachusetts Environmental Police shared a photo of the 2-day old turtles on social media.
Bear Weighing Over 300 Lbs. Relocated In OrangeMassachusetts Environmental Police relocated a black bear they said had been feeding on garbage and bird feeders in Orange on Monday evening.
2.5-Foot Monitor Lizard Found Wandering Yarmouth NeighborhoodMassachusetts Environmental Police removed a 2.5-foot long Savannah monitor lizard that was found walking through a Yarmouth neighborhood.
5-Foot Rattlesnake Found Outside Office Building Near Blue HillsEnvironmental police officers safely relocated the venomous endangered snake.
Cape Cod Boater Charged With OUI, Illegally Catching Over 100 FishA Cape Cod boater was arrested on Memorial Day, charged with operating under the influence and catching an illegal number of sea bass.