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Bill Belichick Doesn't Seem All That Interested In Talking About Malcolm ButlerBill Belichick. Malcolm Butler. Though the furor has died down considerably since February, those two names will forever be linked for the mysterious and unexplained benching of the cornerback during Super Bowl LII.
Malcolm Butler Has Not Played Like A No. 1 Corner In TennesseeMalcolm Butler is being paid like a top-tier cornerback in Tennessee, but Malcolm Butler is not playing like a top-tier cornerback in Tennessee.
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Malcolm Butler: 'I Could've Made' The 'One Or Two Plays' To Win Super Bowl For PatriotsBut aside from some polite comments from head coach Bill Belichick, now-former defensive coordinator Matt Patricia, and Butler himself, we really haven't gotten an explanation for the mysterious lack of usage of Butler. Until now.
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