Homeless Displaced In Boston Due To Unsafe BridgeCity officials are scrambling to make sure the homeless population in Boston is taken care of after a much needed shelter on Long Island was closed.
Boston Harbor Island Evacuated After Bridge ClosureThe Long Island Bridge was closed due to concerns about its structural integrity.
NStar Sends Additional 40 Crews To NY To Help With OutagesNSTAR says it is sending an additional 40 crews to help with power restoration in New York.
Serious About Hurricane SandyHistorically, this storm will rival many of the past storms that have impacted New England. Not only will the track be unique, but also the intensity will be one for the record books...with minimum pressures falling to levels comparable to some of our greatest hurricanes! Just Incredible.
NY Baker Rescues Local Couple From Plane CrashA Massachusetts couple was flying from Long Island to Taunton when their plane went down.
Fighter Jets Intercept Two Small Planes Over NY, CTIt is believed Air Force One was flying in the area with President Obama on board at the time.
The Latest Thoughts On Upcoming Snowfall For MidweekNew England has the best chance for accumulating snowfall. Along and north of the Pike will likely be in the best snow growth regions for substantial accumulations..track dependent. If everything comes together just right... some areas could see up to 6 inches of snow or more...but let's just rest on this for now. It has not exactly been a good winter for snow storms.
Hurricane Irene Fights For Survival...Still An Impact for New EnglandHurricane Irene made landfall at Cape Lookout this morning bringing winds of 80 to 100 mph to the outer banks of North Carolina. Some gusts offshore have peaked over 110 mph. The storm continues to weaken with each update from the National Hurricane Center as it slowly drifts and spins inland across eastern NC. Further Weakening is likely but with a surface air pressure still at 953 mb...it is still a powerful storm with a large expansive wind field. This sort of air pressure is more typical of a category 2 hurricane.
Rain Shifts From West Today to East TomorrowThe closer to the coast you are, the drier you will be thanks to high pressure off shore. Despite a little light rain early, a good portion of the day should remain dry with temps in the mid 70's. Hard to completely rule out showers completely today for eastern sections...as a few showers could break off the main batch out west from time to time. Either way, a cloudy, humid and tolerable Sunday if you have to be outdoors in eastern MA.
Red Sox Equipment Stolen From Fenway Park, Man Arrested In NYA man from South Weymouth has been arrested on Long Island in connection with the theft of Boston Red Sox memorabilia from Fenway Park.
Weekend Warm Up...Slow Moving Rain Tracks EastPlenty of clouds are locked in for the weekend...but southerly winds will be blowing in the feel of spring!