Late-Game Execution Was Not Lacking And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsIt's about time the Patriots came out on the winning end of a game like this.
The Jets Are Just Astoundingly Bad And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsYou can look at the Jets any way you'd like. There are millions of angles. I choose this one: They stink.
Some Wins Can Feel Like Losses And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsThe Patriots won. Barely. Against one of the worst teams in the NFL. Other than that, it was a good Sunday.
Tom Brady's Still Got A Lot Of Life In Those Legs And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsIt remains impossible to properly process the things that Tom Brady's doing at his age. That's just one of the many leftover thoughts from that wild Sunday night game between the Pats and Bucs.
Defense Comes Up Short In Another Major Moment And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsA lot of focus will be on Mac Jones' offense. Rightfully so. But the Patriots' defense has now failed in big spots twice in the team's two home losses.
James White Can Still Be James White And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsJames White is still James White, and Bill Belichick and Mac Jones surely appreciate it.
The One Negative On Mac Jones Was Hardly Bad And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsYou'd be nitpicking if you really wanted to harp on a negative after Mac Jones' NFL debut with the Patriots.
Cam Newton Had A Splendid Farewell Party And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsIf that's all she wrote for Cam Newton in Foxboro, then at least the quarterback got the farewell party he deserved.
Cam Newton Not Working Out With Pats Is A Bummer And Other Leftover ThoughtsIt's an absolute bummer that Cam Newton as the quarterback of the New England Patriots hasn't worked out. A complete and total bummer.
This Reality Check Will Test New England And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsThe descent to this place was gradual, but it's nevertheless startling to see the Patriots as a middling team in the middle of December.
Cam Newton Rewards Bill Belichick's Trust And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsYes, they won 45-0. But how would things have gone if Bill Belichick didn't make a bold decision, or if Cam Newton didn't reward him?