What A Week: National And Local Coronavirus Response; Biden vs. SandersWBZ TV's Chris McKinnon and Jon Keller discuss President Trump's and the local response to coronavirus, and the latest updates in the race to the Democratic nomination.
Keller @ Large: Sanders Pressing Biden For AllegianceThe delegate math is daunting for Bernie Sanders, especially with Joe Biden-friendly Florida, Ohio and Arizona looming next Tuesday.
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Keller @ Large: Hidden Winners And Losers Of Super TuesdayWhile the candidates get all the attention, there are always stories of success and failure behind the headlines.
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Keller @ Large: Is Super Tuesday The End Of The Line For Elizabeth Warren?Is Super Tuesday the end of the line for Elizabeth Warren’s campaign?
Keller @ Large: Super Tuesday Pressure Is On Elizabeth Warren And Joe BidenJon says the race for president is about to encounter significant turbulence.
Keller @ Large: Sanders Holding Large Rallies In Warren's Home State A 'Power Move'Victoria McGrane, a political analyst and reporter for the Boston Globe told WBZ-TV’s Jon Keller it was a “power move” for Bernie Sanders to hold two Massachusetts rallies.
What A Week: Bernie And Biden; Trump's Coronavirus Response; Gas Tax Hike ProposalWBZ TV's Chris McKinnon and Jon Keller discuss Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden heading into Super Tuesday; the president's coronavirus response and the proposed increase in the Massachusetts gas tax.
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