Christmas Morning House Fire In Southwick Ruled AccidentMassachusetts officials say a fire at a home where a mother rescued her toddler son early Christmas morning was an accident.
Man Trapped, Severely Burned In Chelsea Apartment FireFirefighters rescued a family from the second floor of one home and then found a 49-year-old man trapped on the first floor.
One Person Dead In Waltham House FireOne person has died in a 3-alarm house fire in Waltham, the state fire marshal's office confirmed.
Bradley Jay: ‘Do You Believe A Homeowner Should Have The Right To Use Deadly Force Against Intruders?’ You hear an intruder. You wait, shaking with fear, in the dark as your six-year-old daughter sleeps in the next room. What do you do? Click play to view video.
Street Sweeper Crashes Into Hudson HouseA street sweeper crashed into a house in Hudson Monday morning.
The Millionaire Club: Forty-SomethingForty-Somethings are at the tail end of the Boomer generation.
Bradley Jay: 'Is Your Home Clean?'Click play to watch the video and find how you rank in the neatness department.
Mid-Year Tax Planning When Selling Your Primary ResidenceIf you sold your house this year gather up all of your house paperwork for you will need it when you file your tax return next year.
Homeowners InsuranceWhen you purchase homeowner’s insurance you usually get coverage for lots more than the structure of the house.
Gov. Patrick Threatens Veto Of Transportation Plan Gov. Deval Patrick derided a $500 million transportation financing plan offered by legislative leaders as a "fiscal shell game," and said he would veto the bill if it reached his desk in its current form.
Opinion: Ballots Full Of WomenWhile Mitt Romney talks about binders full of women, Democrats have ballots full of women.