Mediterranean Diet Ranked Best Diet Again, Report SaysEvery year, U.S. News & World Report ranks 35 diets based on input from health experts. For 2020, the Mediterranean diet reigns supreme again.
Study Claims Snacking Could Help Improve A Child's NutritionA new study claims snacking could actually improve your child's nutrition.
Study: Intermittent Fasting May Help You Live LongerNew research finds that intermittent fasting could actually help you live longer.
4 Cups Of Coffee A Day Could Help Reduce Weight Gain, Study FindsCould caffeine be the way to help curb holiday weight gain?
Study: Half Of America Will Be Obese Within 10 YearsEven worse, one in four Americans will be "severely obese."
Losing Weight And Keeping It Off May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk, Study SaysA new study shows if women lose weight and keep it off, they can reduce the risk of breast cancer.
Women Now Outnumber Men At U.S. Medical Schools For First Time EverFor the first time in history, there are more women in medical school in the U.S. than men.
Eating Chili Peppers Cuts Risk Of Death From Heart Attack And Stroke, Study SaysResearchers found that the risk of dying from a heart attack was 40% lower among those eating chili peppers at least four times per week.
Vaping Linked With Long-Term Risk Of Respiratory Disease In New StudyThe study is among the first to examine the link between e-cigarette use and respiratory disease in the long-term.
Top 10 Health Questions America Asked Dr. Google In 2019Google users in the United States had a lot of questions about blood pressure, the keto diet and hiccups in 2019.
No Single E-Cig Brand Linked To Vaping-Related Lung Injuries, CDC SaysNo single product or brand is responsible for the thousands of vaping-related lung illnesses reported across the United States, according to a report released Friday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
New Details Emerge On Drug That May Slow Alzheimer's DiseaseCambridge-based Biogen is developing Aducanumab with a Japanese company.
1 In 5 US Adolescents Now Prediabetic, Study SaysExperts say these numbers have risen over the past decade.
Water Trapped In Your Ears? Don't Shake Your Head To Get It Out, Researchers SayThey found that the amount of acceleration needed to eject the water was high enough to potentially cause serious brain damage.
New Potential Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Being Tested In CanadaResearchers in Canada may have discovered a new way to treat multiple sclerosis.