FCC Approves Net Neutrality By 3-2 VoteThe move is considered by many to be the biggest regulatory shakeup to the communications industry in nearly two decades.
There Is "Something" About Airline TravelAnd by the way, the unpleasant experience in the air is not all the airline's fault. I firmly believe the flying public takes an obnoxious pill before every flight. It could be because they know it's not going to be a nice experience and thus, they come prepared to be a pain in the ass. People are rude....in many, many, many walks of life....but let 'em step into the airplane and they become Alec Baldwin.
New FCC Rules Require Consent For Automated Telephone 'Robocalls'It's called the "Do Not Call Registry". But signing up your phone number doesn't always stop those unwanted robocalls and texts.
A Standing "O" For An F-Bomb? Ortiz Should Be Ashamed!!I heard one nationally syndicated talk show guy today.....yuckin' in up about the Ortiz garbage mouth saying....and I quote....."that had to have been one of the most appropriate and timely uses of the F-Bomb I've ever heard in my life."
Cable Companies Will Soon Be Able To Scramble Local TV Signals The FCC will soon let cable operators scramble the signals of local TV stations that you now get through basic cable.
Keller @ Large: Does Robocall Crackdown Go Far Enough?Guess what still isn’t covered, for legal reasons – robocalls on behalf of political candidates.
The Following: For Mature Audiences Only !! I've been known to have a garbage mouth that would make a truck driver blush, but I learned at an early age, there are times and places you don't talk like that and the FCC should be giving the same lesson for the Public Airwaves. Our left-leaning society wants to think everything is okay, but sometimes damn-it....its just wrong!
Coakley Calls For Ban Of Phone Bill CrammingEvery year, between 15-20 million Americans are plagued by cramming, and it costs them billions of dollars.
A Look Back On The History Of WBZ NewsRadioWBZ was established in September of 1921, the first station to receive the newly created “commercial license.”
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