Maine Ebola Nurse To Remain A Voice Against QuarantinesThe Maine nurse who defied quarantine attempts after treating Ebola patients in West Africa is looking forward to stepping out her front door — "like normal people."
Quicker Ebola Test Method In The WorksResearchers at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University are working on a faster test for Ebola and other infections.
Judge Lifts Ebola Quarantine On Maine NurseKaci Hickox is free to travel unrestricted after a Maine judge on Friday rejected the state's bid to limit her movements.
6 Massachusetts Hospitals Announce Ebola PlanSix Massachusetts hospitals have formed a collaborative system to handle Ebola patients.
Nurse Defying Ebola Quarantine Leaves Maine Home For Bike RideA nurse who vowed to defy Maine's voluntary quarantine for health care workers who treated Ebola patients followed through on her promise Thursday, leaving her home for a bike ride.
Bradley Jay: 'Is Ebola A Genuine Threat To You?'Is the science related to Ebola unclear, or are people unclear on the science?
Providence Journalist: My Body Was 'At War' With EbolaAshoka Mukpo knew he really was in trouble when he saw the people treating him in full suits and hoods.
Sacra Speaks As Another American Contracts EbolaHolden Dr. Rick Sacra is showing support for the latest American infected with Ebola and is talking about his own recovery from the deadly virus in a new interview.
New York City Doctor Tests Positive For EbolaA New York City doctor has tested positive for the Ebola virus after coming down with symptoms Thursday, officials have announced.
RI Journalist Leaves Hospital After Ebola RecoveryA journalist who has recovered from Ebola will soon head home to Rhode Island with his family, hospital officials said Wednesday.
Thousands Will Die From Flu This Year, Doctors PredictAlthough concerns are mounting across the nation of Ebola exposure, doctors fear the focus could be diverting attention from another potential threat: the flu.
Hospital: Providence Journalist Free Of EbolaAn video journalist from Rhode Island being treated for Ebola is now free of the virus and will be released soon.
Providence Journalist Recovering From Ebola 'Happy To Be Alive'Ashoka Mukpo made several comments about Ebola on Twitter Monday about his battle with Ebola.
Massachusetts Lawmakers Assess Ebola ReadinessFederal funding cuts have made it more difficult for the medical community to prepare for potential cases of Ebola, a Boston hospital official told state lawmakers on Thursday.
Speaking To Your Children About EbolaSo what can parents do to reassure their kids during this time?