Put Power Lines Underground?I'm curious to know why the power companies have not yet decided to put power lines underground.
Will He Stay Or Will He Go?With the impending Hurricane coming is the President going to leave the Vineyard or is he going to ride it out with us? - Nancy, S. Yarmouth
Curious About Getting Ready For Hurricane IreneWhat things should we purchase (without going overboard) before a big storm... and why? For instance: Why do we buy bottled water? When my power goes out I still get water out of my faucet. - Thomas, Lunenberg
Curious About A Possible New Tax?There is a potential bill HR-4646 concerning a 1% tax on all bank transactions. This would be a very costly burden on all Americans. Why have I not seen anything about this on the news? - Patricia, Gloucester
Do They Really Recycle All That Stuff?Do recycling companies really recycle? Where does it all go and how do we know it gets done? - Richard, Everett
Curious About Returning Motor OilYour article on the bottle return made me wonder about the motor oil return policy. -Roland, Plainville
Curious About The Fate of Toll TicketsI'm curious. . .Where do all the Mass Turnpike tickets go when they are turned in? Thank you, Carter - age 10
Why Should We Trust Them?I'm curious as to why we Americans should put any weight on the decisions of incompetent agencies who are threatening to "downgrade" the AAA sovereign credit rating of the United States of America, when it was these same companies who rated toxic, bundled, mortgage backed securities as AAA! - Joe, Wakefield
Curious About Color TestWhat happens if you don't pass the color test when renewing your driver's license? - Richard, Norton
Curious About Tobin "Targets?"What do the 'target' signs on the Tobin Bridge mean? - Cindy, Quincy
Curious About What's After A Trillion?With all of this talk about debt ceiling, and national budgets, etc. the number trillion comes up often. What number will we use once we surpass "trillion"? It won't be long! Will it be Zillion? - Linda, Mashpee
Curious About Stock Market LossIn relation to the trillion dollar estimates made by both the Senate and the House,what was the longshot figure that the stock market lost over the past week? My feeling is that the trillions lost in the market exceeded the trillions that the Senate and House were squabbling about. - Stan
How Did They Vote? How Many Are 'Upper Class?'Here's a breakdown of how each congressman voted on the debt bill.
Curious About Being Picked For Jury DutyI am just curious about the process of selecting citizens for jury duty when the MAjury.gov website states they are "randomly chosen" and for the past 21 years I have been chosen every three years almost to the exact same date! I have many friends who have never been summoned for jury duty. Why not give them a chance to be part of the system and fulfill their civic obligation? - Joan, Holden
Curious About Dumping CongressConsidering how dysfunctional Congress is, can we declare a vote of no confidence, dissolve the body and start over? - Bon, Sandwich