Use Of E-Cigarettes May Increase Flu RiskAs the cases of vaping-related lung disease continue to rise, experts are warning of yet another potential risk as winter approaches.
Women Who Use IUDs May Be At Lower Risk For Ovarian Cancer, Study FindsAnew study from the UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital finds that women who use IUDs may be at lower risk for ovarian cancer.
Non-Dating Teens May Be Less Depressed Than Dating TeensA new study from the University of Georgia finds that teens who don't date tend to be less depressed.
Number Of Pregnant Women With High Blood Pressure Is RisingThe number of pregnant women with high blood pressure has spiked over the past four decades, according to a study.
Family Focus: Importance Of Baby BabbleDr. Mallika Marshall and Liam Martin discuss a new study that finds babies may have more control over their language than parents think.
Study Says Gender And Height May Affect Posture While Using SmartphonesA new study found that women bend their necks differently when using smartphones, which could be why they experience more neck pain.
Vegetarians May Be At Higher Risk Of Stroke, Study FindsA new study from the U.K. found that vegetarians are at a 20% higher risk of stroke.
Unhappy Mothers Talk More To Baby Boys, Study FindsAccording to a study from the University of Cambridge, unhappy mothers talk more to their baby boys.
More People Having Special Imaging Scans Despite Physician Groups Recommending LessA new study in JAMA shows more people are having special imaging scans, even though physician groups recommend less.
Merely Being In Loved One's Presence Can Help Reduce Pain, Study FindsPrevious research has shown that talking to or touching a loved one can help reduce their pain. Now a new study finds that just being in a loved one's presence can do the same.
Clinical Trial Finds Alternate-Day Fasting May Help People Lose Weight, Improve Heart HealthA new study from Australia suggests that a rather extreme approach can help people lose weight and improve their heart health.