Study Finds Tea Drinking May Reduce Depression In SeniorsA new study finds that older adults who drink tea are less likely to be depressed.
Hudson Elementary School Fighting Flu OutbreakMulready Elementary School has had dozens of absences in the past few days with all signs pointing to the flu.
MGH Researchers Behind 'CoolSculpting' Invent New Way To Get Rid Of FatLocal researchers have an invented a new way to dissolve unwanted fat without the hassle of other treatments currently available.
Researchers Find Salt Could Be Used To Treat CancerThere may be a new weapon to attack cancer cells with less harm to the patient, and it you can probably find it right on your kitchen table. It’s salt, which is also called sodium chloride.
What Is Alopecia? Dr. Mallika Marshall Explains The Hair Loss ConditionRep. Ayanna Pressley revealed Thursday that she's been battling alopecia.
FDA Drug Approval Laws Getting Less Stringent, Study ShowsAccording to a new study, changes in federal laws mean drugs are getting less rigorous review by the FDA before they get approved.
Study Finds Women Who Suffer Miscarriage May Have Long-Term Psychological StressA new study finds that many women suffer long-term psychological distress after a miscarriage.
Study Shows Public Workplace Encouragement May Prompt More Women To LeadA new study identifies at least one way that companies can help women lead.
Financial Penalty May Lead To Better Vaccination Rates, Study ShowsA new study showed countries that fined families for failing to meet the vaccination requirements had higher vaccination rates.
Working Out To Music Yields Additional Benefits, Researchers FindMany people feel better when they exercise to music, and now there's science to back it up. Researchers in Australia reviewed nearly 140 studies between 1911 and 2017 and found numerous benefits to listening to music while exercising.
Average Body Temperatures Lower Than Previously Thought, Researchers SayMany of us were taught that the normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only is that wrong, but researchers have now found that the average body temperature has been falling over time.