Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Early Results Promising – When Can Public Get It?When will the Moderna vaccine be available to the public?
Saliva 'Spit Test' Could Be Key To Concussion DetectionA new study finds that examining a patient’s saliva may reveal whether they have had a concussion.
X-Rays And CT Scans May Increase Testicular Cancer RiskDoctors are sounding the alarm that imaging tests could be putting men at higher risk for testicular cancer.
Reducing Capacity In Public Places Can Slow COVID Spread, Study FindsA new model published in Nature finds that certain popular hangouts accounted for most COVID-19 infections in the first wave of the pandemic.
Researchers Develop Face Mask That Could Be Disinfected By SunlightResearchers have developed a face mask that could be disinfected by the sun.
Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine Early Results Encouraging - So What's Next?Dr. Mallika Marshall warned this is preliminary data and the effectiveness could change as the trial continues.
Tylenol Or Motrin For Children? New Study Suggests One Is Better Than The OtherWhen a young child has pain or a fever, parents often wonder which over-the-counter medication to reach for.
New CDC Study Shows COVID-19 Spread Is Common Within HouseholdsA new study published by the CDC finds that the spread of COVID-19 within households is more common than previously thought.
Dr. Fauci: First COVID Vaccines Will Aim To Reduce Symptoms, Not InfectionsDr. Fauci said earlier this week that the first COVID-19 vaccines will aim to reduce symptoms but not necessarily prevent infection.
Noisy Communities May Increase Risk Of Dementia Later In Life, Study SaysA study by University of Michigan researchers says that living in noisy communities could increase a person’s risk of developing dementia.
COVID Antibody Levels Dropping In Coronavirus Patients, Study SaysThere is some concerning news when it comes to immunity and the novel coronavirus.