Parents Are Often Distracted While Driving, Research At Boston Hospital FindsResearchers found that half of parents of all ages reported writing text messages while driving in the past month.
Study Says Virtual Reality Can Improve Quality Of Life For Dementia PatientsA new study from the United Kingdom finds that virtual reality technology could be used to improve the quality of life for people with dementia.
Migraines During Pregnancy Can Increase Risks To Mother, BabyMany women of reproductive age suffer from migraines, but a new study out of Denmark finds that having these painful headaches during pregnancy may put the mother and the baby at risk.
Chase Your Dreams; Researchers Say It's Good For YouResearchers at Penn State finds that people who don't give up on fulfilling their dreams are less likely to suffer from common mental health issues.
Want Kids To Eat Healthy? Researchers Say Give Them A ReasonResearchers say it giving kids a reason to eat healthy may help them eat less-favorite foods.
'Smart Pill Bottle' May Help Curb Prescription Drug AbuseThis smart pill bottle has a 3D-printed top that can count the number of pills dispensed.
Researchers Use Genetics To Understand Why Many People Love Coffee, BeerResearchers found that beverage preference has less to do with taste and more to do with how beverages made us feel.
The Debate Over Kratom, An Opioid-Like Plant Legal In MassachusettsThe FDA warns against its use, but a local man believes keeping kratom safe and available will help break the cycle of addiction.
Your Favorite Superhero Is Probably UnhealthyWhile millions continue to flock to the new "Avengers: Endgame" movie, a new study finds that your favorite comic book superhero may not have a particularly healthy physique. In fact, they are usually either too big or too small.
Medical Costs Are Causing Financial Hardship For Americans, Study FindsA new study from the American Cancer Society finds that more than 137 million American adults reported financial hardship due to medical costs over the past year.
Your DNA Can Affect How Sweet That Smell Is, Study FindsResearchers have found that small genetic changes can make a big difference in how we smell.