Former FDA Adviser Wants LASIK Eye Surgery Taken Off MarketLASIK surgery has been used by an estimated 20 million Americans to improve distance vision, but a former FDA adviser is calling for it to be pulled from the market.
Kids Lacking Necessary Access To Child Psychiatrists, Study FindsWBZ TV's Lisa Hughes talks to Dr. Mallika Marshall about why so many kids don't have access to child psychiatrists.
Simple Blood Test May One Day Detect Early Breast CancerWithin five years, there could be a simple blood test available for early detection of breast cancer which will be cost-effective and easier than mammography. 
Pacifier Developed To Read Blood Sugar Level For Babies With Type I DiabetesMonitoring the blood sugar of babies and young children with type one diabetes can be painful.
MIT Engineers Create New Quick-Binding Surgical TapeInspired by the sticky substance that helps spiders catch their prey, researchers at MIT have developed a super strong surgical tape.
Study Shows Acetaminophen During Pregnancy May Increase Risk of Autism, ADHDA new study finds taking acetaminophen late in pregnancy is associated with a higher risk of having a child with autism or ADHD.
Most Americans Who Think They're Allergic to Penicillin Aren't, Study FindsMore than 30 million people in the United States wrongly believe they're allergic to penicillin.
Banning Sugary Drink Sales May Help Employees Lose WeightBanning the sale of sugary drinks at work may sound extreme, but one large employer did just that and its employees saw big benefits.
Technology May Make The Stethoscope ObsoleteThe stethoscope has been a "tried and true" tool for doctors and nurses for two centuries, but it may soon become obsolete.
Study: Poor Hand Washing Bigger E. Coli Threat Than Contaminated MeatA new study finds that poor hand washing poses a bigger threat than under-cooked meat when it comes to the spread of of E. coli.
Breast Cancer Vaccine In Development, Researchers SayJust like getting a flu shot to prevent the flu, one day women may be able to get a vaccine to treat or prevent breast cancer.