Researchers Develop 'Artificial Nose' To Sniff Out Brain TumorsIn a study of almost 700 tissue samples, the device was at least 83 percent accurate at finding the cancerous samples.
Pediatricians Update Recommendations For Summer Camp SafetyThe American Academy of Pediatrics updated its recommendations on how to keep kids safe during the summer.
Fathers Say They Face Daddy Shaming, TooIt’s not just moms who get criticized for their parenting styles, according to a new survey by the University of Michigan. "Daddy shaming" happens, too.
Eating Too Much Red Meat Could Kill YouEating too much red meat could kill you. That's according to researchers from China and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.
Study: Outdoor Learning Benefits Teachers And StudentsLearning in the great outdoors for as little as an hour a week can do wonders both for children and teachers alike.
Dr. Mallika Marshall On David Ortiz's Injuries, Road AheadThe extent of organ damage depends on the speed of the bullet and the distance of the bullet from the patient.
One-Of-A-Kind Lyme Disease Program At Spaulding In High DemandThe Dean Center treats long-term effects of tick-borne illnesses like Lyme Disease. With a long waiting list, the center is hoping to expand services.
Smartphone App May Help Diagnose Child's CoughResearchers in Australia were able to reliably pinpoint the cause of a child's cough using a smartphone app.
Americans Consume More Than 70,000 Microparticles Of Plastic A Year, Study SaysTiny, often microscopic, pieces of plastic are shed from a variety of sources like packages and containers and end up in our food and in the environment.
Research Shows Older Kids Could Benefit From NappingA new study finds that 10 to 12-year-olds could also benefit from the occasional daytime snooze.
Study Says Electrical Stimulation Of Brain Region Could Help Retrieve Forgotten MemoriesDo you ever get frustrated that you can't remember something but feel like it's stored in your brain somewhere?