Keller @ Large: Tech Columnist Discusses Trump's Conspiracy Theory Tweets About Joe ScarboroughSocial media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have been reluctant to take costly and controversial steps to weed out lies and slander on their platforms.
Keller @ Large: When It Comes To Mail-In Voting, The President's Claims Of Fraud Don't Hold UpPresident Trump is threatening to hold up federal funding to Michigan after the state announced every registered voter will receive an application for an absentee ballot in the mail.
Keller @ Large: Would President Trump Win If Election Were Held Today?There are 196 days to go until we vote.
Tom Brady Details Friendship With Donald Trump, Complications Of PoliticsThanks to a long friendship and a bright red hat placed inside his locker, Tom Brady will always be associated as a supporter of Donald Trump, the politician. On Wednesday, Brady seemed to indicate that he wishes that was not the case.
NFL Planning Full Season With Full Stadiums -- Is It Optimism Or Arrogance?On the one hand, exerting optimism in the face of a national crisis can be considered admirable. Yet for a multi-billion dollar business, exercising prudence should be a mandate.
Donald Trump References Tom Brady During Coronavirus Press Conference, Says He Recently Spoke With QBEverybody wants to be Tom Brady. Even the president of the United States.
Athletes, Celebrities Get Coronavirus Tests, Raising Concerns Of InequalityThere's a perception that the wealthy and famous have been able to jump to the head of the line to get tested while others have been turned away or met with long delays.
Keller @ Large: Sanders Pressing Biden For AllegianceThe delegate math is daunting for Bernie Sanders, especially with Joe Biden-friendly Florida, Ohio and Arizona looming next Tuesday.
Speaker Pelosi In Boston: America 'Cannot Withstand' Another Term Of President TrumpPelosi spoke at Northeastern's “Women Who Empower Summit.”
Trump Says Sexism Not To Blame For End Of Elizabeth Warren's CampaignPresident Donald Trump is insisting that sexism wasn't to blame for the end of the Massachusetts senator's presidential campaign.
Court Sides With Trump In 'Sanctuary Cities' Grant FightThe court ruled against Massachusetts and six other states that sued the president.
'He's The Greatest': Trump Supporters Camp Out In Snow Before President's Manchester, NH RallyPresident Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were welcomed by a packed house at SNHU Arena Monday night on the eve of the New Hampshire primary.
Gov. Charlie Baker Says He Respects Mitt Romney's Impeachment Trial VoteAt least one fellow Republican is offering the former Massachusetts governor some support.
President Trump Bashes 'Failed Presidential Candidate' Mitt Romney After Impeachment AcquittalThe former Massachusetts governor broke with his party to vote to convict Trump of abusing the power of his office.
Mitt Romney Votes To Convict President Trump In Impeachment TrialRomney is the only Republican senator who has said they support removing Trump from office.