Mitt Romney Calls Trump's Leadership During COVID 'A Great Human Tragedy'Sen. Mitt Romney on Thursday blasted President Donald Trump's leadership -- or lack thereof -- during the deadly coronavirus pandemic as "a great human tragedy."
Dow Jones Tops 30,000 For First Time Ever As Biden Transition Points To More Stable FutureThe Dow Jones crossed the 30,000 threshold for the first time ever Tuesday, fueled by news that suggests a more stable economy in the near future.
Mitt Romney Blasts 'Undemocratic Action' By President Trump To 'Overturn The Election'Romney, who represents Utah, is one of Trump’s most vocal GOP critics.
'Wildly Inappropriate': Baker Slams 'Baseless' Election Claims By Trump, Republican Efforts To Stall TransitionGov. Charlie Baker is slamming "baseless claims" from President Donald Trump and "many other elected Republican officials" about the 2020 presidential election.
LIST: These Massachusetts Towns Flipped To Biden After Supporting Trump In 2016Overall, Biden won nearly 66% of the vote in Massachusetts compared to about 32% for Trump.
'Every Vote Matters': Governor Baker Urges Every Election Ballot Be CountedGov. Charlie Baker had a simple message on Thursday in regards to the still-undecided 2020 president election: every vote matters.
What Do Election Results Mean For A Second Stimulus Package?Today's stock market gains come despite all the election uncertainty, but may suggest optimism for a second stimulus package down the line.
Keller @ Large: Election Shows Negative Partisanship RulesThe occupant of the White House for the next four years will be determined – eventually.
CBS News: Democrat Joe Biden Projected To Win New HampshireDemocratic former Vice President Joe Biden is projected to earn victory in New Hampshire, adding the Granite State's four electoral college votes to his total.
CBS News: Democrat Joe Biden Projected To Win MassachusettsFormer Vice President Joe Biden has captured Massachusetts' 11 electoral votes against incumbent Republican President Donald Trump.
'I Blanked It': Baker Confirms He Didn't Vote For Biden Or Trump In Presidential ElectionBaker said last month that he could not support Trump and was focused on steering Massachusetts through the coronavirus pandemic. 
Pete Buttigieg: Americans Will See 'Definition Of A Good Economy' If Joe Biden Wins 2020 ElectionWhoever wins the presidency will face dual challenges of reining in the pandemic and rebuilding the economy.
Fareed Zakaria: 'My Fear Is COVID-19 Will Be The Dress Rehearsal And We Will Have Another Crisis Too Big To Handle'The author and CNN hosts discusses his new Simon & Schuster audiobook and explains why he believes President Donald Trump will lose the 2020 presidential election.
Stimulus Package Update: Why Testing Language Is Holding Up ChecksNegotiations on a second stimulus package are stalled, and language on testing and tracing is at least partly to blame.
Pete Buttigieg Warns U.S. Facing 'Crisis' In New Book, 'Trust': Confidence In Country At 'Emergency Levels'"The former presidential candidate discusses the 2020 Presidential Election, what a Joe Biden administration would look like and his new Simon & Schuster audiobook "Trust."