Hands-Free Cell Phone Law Officially In Effect For Massachusetts DriversA new law in Massachusetts is now officially in effect, banning the use of cell phones while driving.
Distracted Driving Law Barring Cellphone Use Takes Effect SundayA law that bars drivers in Massachusetts from using hand-held cellphones behind the wheel takes effect Sunday.
Massachusetts's Hands-Free Distracted Driving Law Goes Into Effect On SundayAs of Sunday, Feb. 23, drivers in Massachusetts can no longer drive with a phone in their hands for any reason.
Mass. State Police Will Have Extra Patrols Enforcing New Distracted Driving LawThe state's new distracted driving law, which prohibits all cell phone use behind the wheel, goes into effect on February 23.
Gov. Baker Signs Distracted Driving Bill, Barring Hand-Held Cellphones Behind WheelMassachusetts has joined every other New England state by barring drivers from using hand-held cellphones behind the wheel.
Hand-Held Cell Phone Ban For Drivers In Massachusetts - What It Means For YouHolding a cell phone while driving is about to become illegal in Massachusetts.
Hand-Held Cellphone Ban For Drivers Passes, Headed To Governor's DeskMassachusetts drivers would no longer be able to use hand-held cellphones behind the wheel under a bill approved by state lawmakers.
Mass. Lawmakers Set To Vote On Distracted Driving Bill, Flavored Tobacco BanMassachusetts State House as everything lawmakers have been working on for the year must be wrapped up on Wednesday.
Mass. Lawmakers Reveal Details Of Proposed Distracted Driving BillA bill that would bar Massachusetts drivers from using hand-held cellphones behind the wheel is inching closer to final approval.
Committee Reaches Compromise On Distracted Driving Bill In MassachusettsThe House and Senate passed their own versions of the law earlier this year.
Families Plead For Hands-Free Driving Bill Resolution As Holidays ApproachLawmakers have not been able to send a bill banning handheld device use behind the wheel to Gov. Charlie Baker despite near-unanimous support in the Legislature.