ESPN Runs Story Pinning DeflateGate Scandal On NFL Instead Of Patriots, Perhaps Reshaping National NarrativeDeflateGate was one of the most nonsensical and preposterous scandals in the history of professional sports. Now five years later, it seems like ESPN even agrees.
D'Qwell Jackson Asks Tom Brady For Help Getting His Deflategate Football BackD'Qwell Jackson wants the Deflategate football back, and is asking Tom Brady for some help.
Patriots Fans Mercilessly Boo Roger Goodell During Super Bowl Trophy PresentationIt's become something of a tradition for Patriots fans. First, you celebrate a Patriots Super Bowl victory. Then, you boo the NFL commissioner.
Hurley: Patriots Set To Play Yet Another AFC Championship Game With Deflated FootballsThe Patriots will be playing for a Super Bowl berth on Sunday, and they'll be doing it with deflated footballs. We can't let this happen. The integrity of the game is at stake.
NFL Investigates Underinflated Football Used By Steelers, Finds No ViolationsDeflateGate is back, and it's back big!
Report: Tom Brady Served Four-Game Suspension To Spare Reputations Of John Jastremski, Jim McNallyAccording to the new DeflateGate book, Tom Brady could have avoided his NFL suspension if he had just been willing to throw two Patriots equipment staffers under the bus.
Here's One Theory On The Timing Of Julian Edelman's Suspension AnnouncementThe NFL was just waiting to utilize the ultra-rare Super Late Holiday News Dump with Julian Edelman, as word of his suspension appeal being denied didn't break until after 7 p.m. on July 3.
NFL Strips Ravens Of Two OTA Practices; John Harbaugh Blames PlayersThe Baltimore Ravens are in trouble. Again. And once more, the people in charge are absolving themselves of blame.
NFL Finds No Reason To Punish Or Even Question Eli Manning After Fraud Case Settles Out Of CourtTo nobody's surprise, the NFL will not pursue any discipline with Eli Manning. In fact, the league doesn't even feel the need to interview the player.
Eli Manning Settles Fraud Case, But Don't Expect Roger Goodell To Issue NFL DisciplineIntegrity matters to the NFL more than anything else. Except for the times when it doesn't.
DeflateGate Reporting Error Led To Peter King Offering Resignation From Sports IllustratedDeflateGate was a long, hard few years for everybody. It took its toll on some more than it did others. And it nearly cost Peter King his job of nearly 30 years.