Dividing Assets Or Debt During DivorceIf there is money involved, people behave poorly! I have never met a non-warring couple when it comes to a divorce.
U.S. Auto Loans Soar To Highest In 8 yearsU.S. auto loans jumped to the highest level in eight years this spring, fueled by a big increase in lending to risky borrowers.
Financial Goals For The Single ParentTwenty million kids are living in a home with a single parent, and as a single parent you need to rethink your goals.
Will There Be Enough Money In Retirement?The more money you have saved the more options you will have in retirement.
All About Reverse MortgagesThese mortgages are not for everyone. Ideal for a cash strapped elder who wants to stay in their home!
Too Much Debt Will Sink YouAccording to The National Foundation for Credit Counseling, 39% of consumers who use credit cards carry more than $8,000 of debt.
Managing Your DebtThe latest Federal Reserve numbers from January has revolving consumer debt at $835 billion dollars.
Kids And Credit CardsCredit card companies can no longer easily sign a kid up for a credit card.
Get Out Of Credit Card DebtThe nation's credit card debt is almost $860 billion. Use your tax refund as the first step to being debt free.
How To Properly Manage DebtIf you are serious about getting out of debt, first you need to know how much debt you have.
Dreams Are Goals With A DeadlineWell it’s that time of year when we want to undo or redo whatever we did last year.
Final Credit Tips From The National Foundation For Credit CounselingEnjoy these final tips from The National Foundation For Credit Counseling.
The Millionaire Club: Twenty-SomethingRetirement folklore seems to have everyone believing you need $1 million to be able to retire.
What Is Your Net Worth?To figure out what you’ve got, you will need to generate a net worth and then do a cash flow to figure how and where you are spending your money.
Your First Step To Spending Less And Saving MoreCurrently the U.S. savings rate is 2.5%. It was as high as 5% two years ago.