Yankees Analyst Jack Curry Doesn't Vote For David Ortiz Because Of PED Suspicion ... But Does Vote For Roger Clemens, Barry BondsIt wouldn't be Hall of Fame season if a member of the baseball media wasn't twisting himself into a pretzel for all the world to see.
David Ortiz Will Find Out If He's A Hall Of Famer Tuesday NightTuesday is the day that David Ortiz will find out if he'll be enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility.
David Ortiz On Track For Hall Of Fame ElectionBoston’s Big Papi appears headed to the Baseball Hall of Fame -- no last-minute walk-off needed.
David Ortiz Hopes To Join Other Red Sox Legends In Hall Of Fame Next WeekDavid Ortiz is hoping to get his call to the Hall of Fame and join other Red Sox greats in Cooperstown. And he has a message for anyone who believes he took PEDs during his career.
David Ortiz Calls Dan Shaughnessy An A-Hole On Live Radio Over Hall Of Fame SnubThe Red Sox legend let his feelings be known on the writer's decision to leave him off the ballot.
Jon Lester Believes David Ortiz Should Make Hall Of Fame On First Ballot: 'I Hope He Gets What He Deserves'Just about anyone who shared a clubhouse with David Ortiz would argue that Big Papi was and is a legend of the game, one who deserves immediate enshrinement in Cooperstown. Jon Lester is certainly among that group.
Dan Shaughnessy Doesn't Vote For David Ortiz For Hall Of Fame, But Does Vote For Jeff KentDan Shaughnessy only used one of his 10 available votes. He didn't use it on David Ortiz, who's in his first year of eligibility. He didn't use it on Roger Clemens of Barry Bonds, who are in their final year of eligibility. 
David Ortiz Still The Leading Hall Of Fame Vote-Getter, But Outlook May Not Be Great For First-Year InductionIn the quest for David Ortiz to become a first ballot Hall of Famer, there is some positive news. But there's also some potentially bad news.
David Ortiz Receiving More Hall Of Fame Votes Than Anyone Else On Public BallotsOn the ballot for the first time, David Ortiz has received votes from 82.3 percent of the 96 publicly known ballots thus far, according to the excellent Baseball Hall of Fame Tracker website.
Early Hall Of Fame Voting Shows Positive Sign For David OrtizDavid Ortiz has the credentials and the résumé to be a Hall of Famer. Thus far in the process, he also has the votes.
David Ortiz And His Wife Tiffany Splitting Up After 25 Years TogetherThe wife of Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz announced that the couple is splitting up.