Curious Why Oil, Gas Prices Are Rising So QuicklyOil and gas prices have been climbing hitting us all in the pocketbook. By why is that happening? Is it as simple as the law of supply and demand, or is something more happening.
Curious About The Longevity Of Heart TransplantsRick from Burlington told us some great news about that when he Declared his Curiosity writing: "My Dad is coming up on celebrating the 17th year of his heart transplant." Rick's father is no longer the exception.
Curious: Have Red Sox Fans Grown Complacent? WBZ-TV Viewer Bill in Harwich declared his curiosity. He asked, "Why are long-time fans just shrugging at the team's mention?"
Curious Why Taxpayers Are Footing Dimasi's Trial BillWhen former House Speaker Sal DiMasi goes on trial for corruption the taxpayers will be paying the bill. This despite that DiMasi earned a six-figure salary on Beacon Hill and gets a $5,000 a month pension.
Curious About Texting And Driving TicketsJohn in West Roxbury is curious if the new texting law is working. David Wade sets out to find out.
Curious About Alternative Energy SalesWhat happens when someone comes to your home trying to sell you electricity? That's going on in the Boston area and some of you are telling us you're feeling misled.
Curious About The Hole In Downtown CrossingThe city of Boston is trying to get more people to Downtown Crossing, but many of the area’s woes are blamed on the stalled Filene’s Basement project.
Curious About New Bank FeesA lot of people are finding a surprise when they open up their latest checking account statements. It's a new fee, just to get copies of your canceled checks.
Curious About U.S. Aid To Foreign CountriesCraig from Fall River is curious. "Why is it that our government continues to give billions of our tax dollars to dictators and not to the millions of Americans who are struggling?” he asks.
Curious About Tsunamis In New EnglandIt’s hard to imagine enduring the devastation from Friday’s Japan earthquake in New England. One viewer is curious if we could ever see a tsunami in New England.
Curious Why Commuter Rail Conductors Don't Always Collect FaresReplacing old trains will cost the 'T' millions of dollars it says it doesn't have. Some of you curious why conductors don't make sure everyone has paid.
Curious How High Gas Prices Will Climb Before Habits ChangeGas prices are showing no sign of dropping anytime soon. How high will prices have to climb before we all start to change our habits?
Curious About Qaddafi, Khadafy, Gadhafi?I am curious as to the correct spelling of the name of the leader of Libya. CBS uses Qaddafi. The Boston Globe uses Khadafy. The Sun Chronicle of Attleboro uses Gadhafi. The only thing they are consistent about is Moammar. - Tom
Curious About Intensity Of HeadlightsDriving down the road at night some headlights are so bright it’s hard to see anything else. They’re an intense white and sometimes blue.
Curious Why Boston's Community Boating Junior Fee Jumping $99The Junior program at the Boston Community Boating boathouse used to cost $1. Now it's going to cost between $100 and $200.