Curious About The Longevity Of Heart TransplantsRick from Burlington told us some great news about that when he Declared his Curiosity writing: "My Dad is coming up on celebrating the 17th year of his heart transplant." Rick's father is no longer the exception.
Curious About the Use of Excise TaxI'm curious about excise tax. Why does Massachusetts have this? This "extra" tax is supposed to go to our roads here in the Commonwealth, but does it really? Roads in our cities and towns are a disgrace and we're paying an extra excise tax on top of what we're already paying in outrageous property taxes. If we are going to continue to allow cities and towns the ability to charge excise why can't it be mandated that this money be allocated for roadway improvements only? - Jim
Curious About U.S. Aid To Foreign CountriesCraig from Fall River is curious. "Why is it that our government continues to give billions of our tax dollars to dictators and not to the millions of Americans who are struggling?” he asks.
Curious How Massport CEO Gets $450k Sick Day PayoutMost people never end up using all their sick days. But $450,000 in unused sick days?
Curious Why Ray Allen Is Pointing?I'm curious as to why Ray Allen points two fingers towards the ground after making a three pointer. - Chris, Sudbury
Curious About Tax on Water?Recently I was charged sales tax for a bottle of water at Logan Airport. When I stated there is no sales tax in Mass. on water I was told "but there is one here at the airport!" - Marcia, Methuen
Curious Who Pays For Pothole DamageWho is responsible if your car becomes damaged by a pothole? You or the town/city where the pothole is? - Karen, W. Roxbury
Curious About the 7 HillsWhen your reporters broadcast from Worcester, especially in the winter, you always mention Worcester's "Seven Hills." Can you name them? - Diana, Worcester
Curious About Snowy Bus StopsWho is responsible for cleaning snow at bus stops?
Curious About The Blonde LadyWhat was the name of the blonde lady that was on with Jack Chase and Don Kent? She was from the Cape and you used to drag her out with her red cap when it snowed. - Bob, Newburyport
Curious How To Teach Kids Meaning Of Holiday SeasonHow can you get kids to appreciate how lucky they really are this holiday season?